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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Dana, Harper’s runaway sister, will cause turmoil in the Bay in the upcoming episodes of Home and Away.

Separation among the band members is brought on by Kirby’s choice to quit Lyrik, and Felicity’s assailant Jeremy has returned.

Here is the whole list of 11 major moments.

Eden is wary of Harper

As the two anxiously await word from Cash, Harper is hosting her runaway sister Dana at Irene’s.

When Cash abandons her for Harper, Eden gets upset, and John stokes the flames by voicing his own misgivings about the newcomer.

Eden confronts her lover and asks him what he has to do with Harper. Eden recoils after Cash refuses to break Harper’s trust and decides she must place her trust in him.

Dana makes a risky mov

When Harper overhears Dana talking to her ex-boyfriend Olly, the same person who lied to the police about her having narcotics in her possession, while she is at Irene’s, she is outraged.

When Cash shows up and tells Harper that he was unable to access her sibling’s case file, Dana is forced to take cover.

Dana is listening in on the chat when she notices Harper’s phone is not being used and begins texting Olly. But when Harper catches her, chaos ensues.

Harper receives bad news

Dana tried to get in touch with Olly, and Harper is furious with her, but Dana is still dealing with unresolved emotions and believes Harper never gave Olly a chance.

Dana rushes out of Irene’s, risking her anonymity, as Harper pursues, pleading with her sister to enter again.

Dana is successfully returned to safety thanks to Harper, who then leaves to meet Cash. Cash affirms that there are numerous flaws in the prosecution’s case against Dana, but will this be reason enough for him to take action?

 Rose goes against Xander’s wishes

Due of Rose’s quest to find her birth father, tensions between Xander and Rose are still quite high.

Rose enters onto the police system after learning her father’s name is Samuel Edwards and finds his personal information.

Rose tells Cash more about Samuel and reveals that he was born in Cape Town when Cash catches her. Rose’s suspicions that she is Samuel’s daughter are only confirmed by an unpleasant phone call to her mother.

 Rose finds her birth father

Tearful by what she has learned about Samuel, Rose confides in Kirby and Mali, saying she envies their relationship with their heritage.

Rose is curious about what transpired between Samuel and her mother and is eager to learn more about her own. Kirby tells her to keep going in order to discover the truth.

Subsequently, Rose arrives at Samuel’s opulent residence and composes herself to rap on the door.

Justin receives bad news about Lyrik

Kirby returns from the city, where she has been collaborating with music manager Forrest on new tracks.

She says that tomorrow will bring news of her solo career, which is devastating for Justin because he knows he will have to defend the new Lyrik lineup to the media.

Justin walks up to Forrest and Kirby at Salt and asks if they can postpone the announcement. all copyright permissions, meaning Lyrik can’t play any songs Kirby composed on.

Justin fights back

Lyrik’s future is in doubt after Forrest drops his bombshell, and Justin warns the band they might not be able to play more of their album’s songs.

As Kirby understandably irritates Remi, Theo, and Eden, Bree suggests that they switch houses until everything calms down.

Afterwards, Justin calls Forrest to his place and suggests that Kirby receive money each time Lyrik performs one of her songs. When Forrest won’t budge, Justin is even more motivated to figure out a way out.

The Lyrik war rages on

Justin informs Mac that they are unable to play Kirby’s songs before of Lyrik’s performance at Salt, and he offers that they play covers. When Mac cancels the performance, Forrest offers to reimburse her for her lost income and grants her exclusive access to Kirby’s solo songs.

When Remi tells Eden that Justin has forbidden them from contacting Kirby, Eden goes into attack mode.

Remi advises his parents to contact an entertainment lawyer as she won’t listen to orders.

Eden punches Felicity

Tane’s first self-defense class is about to begin, but Eden is nowhere to be found. Bree, Mac, and Felicity show up to support Tane.

Felicity manages to talk her friend out of the sharing house when she goes there. Nevertheless, Eden inadvertently punches Felicity in the face as the lesson begins because he is so enraged by the Kirby/Lyrik turmoil.

Theo has a proposition for Mac

Theo is depressed about Lyrik’s breakdown, and Leah worries that he’s spending too much time in bed.

After receiving a motivational speech from his aunt, Theo resolves to gather his courage and approaches Mac about scheduling a solo performance at Salt. Eden overhears and accuses Theo of leaving the band in the same way that Kirby did.

Though Mac declines Theo’s request, he does offer Eden, who is tight for cash, a few of shifts at Salt. Would she consent?

Tane receives a call from Nikau to say Gemma has broken her leg and collarbone in an accident. He feels the pull to be with his family in New Zealand but is concerned Felicity is still too fragile to be left.

Felicity urges her husband to go, pointing out that her attacker Jeremy is in jail and it’s time she moved on with her life.

But moments after waving Tane off, Felicity cracks and tells Eden that she’s not okay – Jeremy has been in touch and wants to meet.

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