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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (January 30 to February 2)

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Felicity will continue to have concerns about the wedding on Home and Away the following week.

In other news, Stacey’s flirtation surprises Nikau, while Ziggy has a terrible mishap at Salt.

Here is a complete list of the 13 important events that will soon occur.

1. Felicity reaches a breakthrough with Gary

After her foster father Gary unexpectedly showed up in the Bay, Felicity finds it difficult to get along with him. Gary advises Cash to leave them alone so they can have a real conversation.

Gary, who is aware that Felicity was dealing with her parent’s death at the time, forgave her for how she had treated him when she was younger. After spending a nice afternoon browsing over some old pictures, Felicity introduces Tane to Gary in a formal way.

2. Tane receives an offer from Gary

Gary also takes some time to get to know Tane.

When they get a moment alone, Gary tells Tane that he’d like to pay for the wedding. Gary asks Tane to convince Felicity to accept, aware that she’ll say no if he broaches the issue himself.

3. Tane tells Felicity about Gary’s offer

Tane recommends that since Felicity has expressed her lack of preparation for the wedding, they should think about accepting Gary’s kind offer since it will make their lives much simpler.

Felicity makes a commitment to not accept any money from Gary since she still feels bad about what she did to him when she was younger.

4. Felicity gets cold feet again

When Felicity receives her wedding invitations, the realization that she has a specific date for her special day throws her for a loop. She ponders whether or not she is prepared for marriage once more.

Gary notices Felicity in trouble and makes an effort to soothe her regarding the wedding. Felicity acknowledges his help and extends an invitation to the event, which solidifies their newly discovered understanding.

5. Eden upsets Bree

Eden is concerned about Remi’s new connection to Bree. She notes that he is definitely drawn to Bree and wonders if it is appropriate to continue dating while Bree’s relationship with the evil Jacob is so challenging.

Eden attempts addressing Bree after unsuccessfully engaging Remi in conversation. She wonders how many “Remis” there have been because she is convinced that other men have previously favored Bree over Jacob. Bree is enraged by Eden’s severe verdicts.

6. John tries to put a golf team together

To earn $40,000 for a new food truck for Summer Bay, Roo and Marilyn announce plans for a charitable event.

John makes a commitment to form a team and, after learning about Theo’s strong gaming background, picks him as his first member. Theo agrees, but only if Kirby is allowed to join the team as well.

7. Justin becomes John’s rival

John’s fierce competition at the golf tournament is noted by Justin. Justin decides that John needs a rival golfing team since he needs someone to push him.

In an effort to enlist the best prospects for their cause, Justin and John begin harassing various members of the neighborhood. Leah isn’t impressed with Justin’s immature handling of the circumstance.

8. Theo’s behaviour annoys Kirby

Theo tries to balance his obligations to Lyrik and Kirby with his academic obligations. By purposefully putting off finishing his homework and wasting valuable time teaching Marilyn about golf, he exacerbates the situation.

When Theo discovers that one of his tasks is due the next day, when he had assumed he had another week to complete it, he is horrified.

For morale-boosting purposes, Kirby brings some snacks, but an agitated Theo yells at her. His nastiness shocks Kirby, who storms off.

9. Ziggy steps in to help Theo

Ziggy notices Theo in distress and offers to assist him in working all night to complete the crucial task.

Theo appreciates the assistance but is still unclear of how to make up with Kirby following their quarrel.

10. Nikau catches Stacey’s eye

Despite the fact that Stacey has made it plain that they won’t be having a monogamous relationship, Xander consents to continue seeing her. Xander is forced to step beyond of his comfort zone by this, especially given the time constraints on his time with Stacey.

Nikau notices Stacey’s flirtation and is shocked when she approaches him about going out. Xander becomes concerned that Stacey’s most recent pick of boyfriend is too close to home after Nikau tells him what transpired.

11. Nikau tries to reassure Xander

When Xander explains that Stacey hasn’t broken any laws because their relationship isn’t exclusive, Nikau is taken aback. But when Xander sees Stacey flirting with Nikau once more at the beach, he starts to feel uneasy.

Nikau convinces Xander that he has made up his mind to reject Stacey. Despite this, Xander is nevertheless compelled to face his own unease regarding Stacey’s dating strategy.

Stacey is informed by Xander that he won’t see anybody else while they are dating. Stacey finds this annoying and accuses him of attempting to guilt-trip her into a committed relationship.

12. Dean and Ziggy bicker over baby names

Dean and Ziggy decide to talk about baby names for a while. They are able to get along somewhat over initial names, but they cannot agree on surnames.

Ziggy is adamant that she want for their child to be an Astoni as opposed to a Thompson. Dean is outraged by this since he thinks kids only get their mother’s last name if their father is a deadbeat.

Dean goes on to make his case, thinking back on his own experience with a poor parent and how he wants his own child to know how dedicated he is.

13. Ziggy suffers an accident

After coming to an understanding that their child can be a Thompson but Ziggy will get to pick the first name, Ziggy and Dean celebrate their agreement.

When Ziggy later falls down the stairs at Salt, Dean is worried for her safety and the unborn child’s.

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