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8 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

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Next week on Home and Away, Justin heads to court for his sentencing.

Elsewhere, Tane’s cousin arrives in town, and Marilyn’s new business venture has worrying consequences for Roo.

Here’s a full collection of eight big moments coming up.

Justin discovers his fate

After the GBH case, Justin appears in court for his sentencing. He is pleasantly surprised when the judge spares him a prison sentence and instead demands that he complete 500 hours of community service and attend court-ordered counseling.

As a free man, Justin makes his way back to Summer Bay and apologizes to his family for causing them so much trouble, pledging that it won’t happen again.

Justin goes for counselling

Justin begins his counselling sessions, but things get off to a bad start when he snaps at the counsellor. He’s urged to take his anger management journey more seriously.

In his second session, Justin reflects on the murder of his parents and realises this could be the root cause of his anger issues.

Bree takes a step forward in her relationship

Due of Remi and Bree’s lack of physical connection, Bree still feels insecure. She confides in Rose about how she’s having a hard time getting over her horrible experience with Jacob.

Remi subsequently promises Bree that she would stand by her side no matter what. Bree is ready for more after being moved by Remi’s loyalty, so she leads him into the bedroom.

Kahu arrives

Kahu, Tane’s cousin, pays him an unexpected visit. He cites Tane’s invitation for him to visit and remain in the Bay at any time he pleased.

Kahu’s entrance irritates Felicity, especially since she and Tane are still in their honeymoon period and she will now have to fight for his attention.

Tane is persuaded by Kahu to give him a job at the gym. Felicity is also concerned about this because Kahu lacks formal training, but Tane reassures her that Kahu would simply have an administrative job.

Eden becomes shy over her song

Before reconciling with Cash, Eden wrote a brand-new song, which Lyrik speculates about perhaps making public. Eden storms out of the conference after refusing to take this into account.

Eden explains her position to Cash and says that because the music is so special to them, she doesn’t want to share it with the rest of the world.

While Kirby asserts that listeners will always interpret a song in their own manner, Cash points out that Eden has already performed the song in public. Eden is unconvinced by this since she doesn’t want the song’s message to be altered.

Mali moves in with Mac

Mali observes that despite Gabe’s choice to leave Summer Bay, Mac is still having trouble adjusting. He makes an effort to be encouraging, but Mac reassures him that she won’t lose it like the first time Gabe left her.

Later, when his family sends a box of his personal possessions, Mali’s recent transfer becomes more real to him. Mac extends an invitation to Mali to move in with her, revealing that now that Dean and Ziggy have left the property, she would welcome the companionship.

Xander considers a big decision

Xander insists on attending the funeral of his work partner Jamie, despite Rose’s concerns that it’s not a good idea. Rose hopes that the moving service will give Xander some closure, but it’s clear that he’s still struggling with survivor’s guilt after the attack.

Xander later confides in Rose about how much he’s struggling and reveals that he’s considering quitting his job as a paramedic for a fresh start.

 Roo is rushed to hospital

By deciding to try a face mask from Stunning Organics, Roo agrees to participate in Marilyn’s money-making scheme.

When Roo complains of burning and seems to have had a bad reaction, she regrets doing this. Bree makes the decision to rush Roo to the hospital, while Marilyn worries about the company’s reputation as word of what happened spreads.

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