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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Eerie Home and Away fan theory comes true as major star officially leaves the soap

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Speculation about Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s future on Channel Seven’s soap drama Home and Away has officially come true.

After three years of portraying love interest Nikau Parata, the 24-year-old actor has permanently left Summer Bay.

The television actor, who is presently in Paris, shot his final scenes for the show in October, according to 7Entertainment, though he has yet to make any formal remarks.

Speculation about Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s future on Channel Seven’s soap drama Home and Away has officially come true 

Since Fox-Reo underwent a dramatic metamorphosis and bleached his trademark jet black hair, fans have been speculating about his impending exit for the past few months.

After keeping his raven hair during his three-year run on Home and Away, the soap star debuted his new hairdo last month while on vacation in Los Angeles.

Fox-Reo’s fans were left divided, while others speculated whether it will impact his character. 

The 24-year-old actor has left Summer Bay for good after three years of playing heartthrob Nikau Parata 

I doubt that the actors from “Home and Away” would colour his hair again; they’d probably write it in. One Instagram user commented, “Kawa definitely bleached it (since) he understood he didn’t need to maintain hair black for his profession anymore.”

Another person commented, “I don’t think blond truly fits him.”

Damn, he’s a riddle that leaves us in the dark. I’m wondering if he’s moved on to greater things or is still, for instance, just travelling across the world. inserted a third.

It follows the actor’s being forced to apologise after fans took offence at a recent Instagram post he published.

On March 30, Fox-Reo posted a now-deleted image of himself working out with the message, “I love steroids.”

After the publisher contacted Channel Seven, the post was taken down, and Fox-Reo later apologised.

His departure has been theorised by fans for the last few months after Fox-Reo went through a dramatic transformation, bleaching his signature jet black hair

He told The Daily Telegraph, “I recognise I have made a huge error in judgement with this message and I have deleted it.”

I truly apologise for my erroneous and misleading attempt at humour.

Over 2,000 people liked and commented on the offensive post in the twelve days before it was taken down.

The soap star debuted his new hairstyle during a holiday in Los Angeles last month after maintaining his raven locks throughout his three-year stint on Home and Away. (Pictured with co-star Ethan Browne, left)

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