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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Home and Away 2023 Spoilers – Dean and Ziggy leave?

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Filming in November has suggested that Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) have left Summer Bay with their newborn child, though this hasn’t been confirmed and probably won’t be until the scenes air in 2023.

Fans witnessed the couple filming a farewell from Summer Bay and leaving in Ziggy’s distinctive vehicle with the boot loaded with their belongings.

The car was packed to the roof with their belongings, including their prized front cover of the Coastal News from when they won the surf competition last year, despite some people’s speculation that the new parents were simply going to visit family.

We can assume that Ziggy and Dean will be leaving the show in 2023 given the packed car and the fact that many previous characters left the show soon after having a child.

Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman returned to Palm Beach soon after filming the “goodbye” scenes to work on a project with the entire cast, probably a 35th anniversary celebration.

The couple, who are actually dating, then took off for a trip to the middle east. Soon after, Patrick O’Connor posted a picture of his new haircut with bleach-blonde hair.

Even though a dramatic new look can occasionally be incorporated into a plot, a new hairstyle doesn’t necessarily indicate that Dean will be saying goodbye. Actors have been known to make radical changes after leaving their roles.

We can anticipate Georgia Adamson’s portrayal of Dean’s mother Karen returning before they depart.

When Dean introduced Karen to his son Jai in March, she was last seen. Now that Ziggy is expected to give birth early in the new year, she will soon get to meet her newest grandchild.

A photo from the set shows Georgia Adamson posing alongside Patrick O’Connor, Sophie Dillman, Lynne McGranger and Emily Symons, with a pram clearly visible at the bottom of the picture.

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