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Home and Away fans go wild over strange detail: ‘Not real’

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Summer Bay fans were confused by a particular hospital scene.

Home and Away fans are notoriously passionate about the soap opera, with thousands of fans jumping on social media to discuss actors, storylines and the show. After a terrible car crash kicked off the 2023 season, multiple lives hung in the balance.

Fans were distraught over their favourite characters Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou), Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) and Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) being sent to hospital after the horrific accident. As Eden lay in critical condition with Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) by her side, eagle-eyed fans noticed that something was potentially wrong with the scene.

Eden was seriously injured in the collision, and doctors have put her on life support in the hopes that she will survive.

Even though the actress is connected up to a variety of medical devices on the hospital set, one of the monitors seems to be malfunctioning. The seemingly insignificant “error” sparked a lively discussion among followers, with some claiming it “wasn’t realistic” and “dumb.”

However, some fans didn’t think it was a huge problem, with one speculating that the machine was in “sleep mode” at the time. The machine might be a piece of equipment that wasn’t being used for her recovery because there are other monitors in the room that are operational.

“As a person who has been on life support… I’ve been giggling uncontrollably! So many small errors,” a supporter remarked.

To make it more realistic, they could at least add the sound of the machines. Not only silence,” said another.

“Remember, she’s on life support, yet she appears to be relaxing on the stroke ward! ICU not. A third person added, “I know it’s just a TV program, but it irritates me how people can just stroll into resus like the Bourke St mall.

Another person noted, “It always makes me giggle there isn’t a nurse sitting at a computer 1:1 with the patient that’s in ICU LOL.”

Several viewers vehemently defended their preferred television program, asserting that ‘picking holes’ in the soap wasn’t necessary.

“I find this to be funny. Who cares if it’s on or not, or what color their socks are, lol? simply follow the show. Love Home and Away, someone commented.

Who cares? Why does it matter, really? Another person said, “It’s a fictional TV show with a fictional plot.

She isn’t really using the equipment since it’s not real life; this is acting. Give them some space,” a third chimed in.

“Why does everyone take things so seriously when it’s only a show? Another said, “Just watch and enjoy the spectacle.

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