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Home and Away star on love, life and why he walked from hit show

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Home and Away star Lukas Radovich speaks publicly about his sexuality for the first time: ‘I now feel comfortable enough to be able to talk about it’

For the first time, Lukas Radovich has discussed his sexual orientation in public.

While appearing in the Channel Seven soap opera, the former Home and Away star, 28, who is openly homosexual and in a long-term relationship with a man, never brought it up.

The actor said on Thursday that he never made an effort to keep his sexuality a secret from the public and that he was merely “coming to terms” with it.

“I think that I was absolutely still discovering myself when I was in my early twenties, and that now I feel secure enough to be able to talk about it,” he said.

“The previous five years have been quite a journey for me,” she said. “First, because of the show, but also because I’ve been developing my own sense of self, simply being comfortable, I guess.”

Prior to starting his 2017 season of Home and Away as Ryder Jackson, Lukas came out to his friends and family.

I’m naturally fairly shy and introverted, so it takes me some time to get comfortable talking about things. After then, it just wasn’t a problem,’ he continued.

Liam Forcadilla, a professional men’s netball player, is dating Lukas, who departed Summer Bay in 2022 after five years there.

The couple, who met on dating app Tinder, have been dating for more than three years, and moved in together after one year.

Actually, I presented my parents to [Liam] initially; it was my way of telling them, Lukas remarked.

Prior to his final episode, the soap star bid goodbye to Home and Away in a moving Instagram post in May of last year.

What a thrilling ride. I’ll make it brief because I can’t really articulate how the past five years have felt or affected my life. Lukas composed.

I’ll miss my job, but I’ll miss the people more than anything.

A big thanks to Tony Gardner for empathetically leading my last block. And thanks to the SHOW’s fans, who helped to make the event extraordinary.

In January 2022, Lukas claimed that the season finale from the previous year, in which Ryder was accidentally put in a coffin while still alive, was the scene that he found the most difficult to film.

In order to raise money to pay back a debt owed to Ryder’s mother, Roo Stewart, who was portrayed by Georgie Parker, he and his friend Theo, played by actor Matt Evan, organized a hoax.

But when Ryder was stuck underground and Theo got hurt, everything went tragically wrong.

“I knew it was going to be significant when I saw that the call sheet just had my name on it for the entire day,” he told 7Entertainment.

It was difficult to learn and to spend so much time soaked in mud. Yet, it was also the most fruitful.

Following the revelation of his departure, Courtney Miller, who played Bella Nixon and was Lukas’ on- and off-screen friend, left the show after four years.

A month after the announcement of his exit, Lukas’ on-and-off-screen pal Courtney Miller (right), who played Bella Nixon, also departed the show after four years 

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