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Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis reveals bizarre coincidence: ‘Crying’

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EXCLUSIVE: Jacqui Purvis spills secrets behind the explosive car accident.

Home and Awayfans have been raving about the first two episodes of 2023 after the show’s explosive return kept people on the edge of their seats. On Tuesday night, Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) was rescued from a burning car by her fiancé Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) in a heroic act.

The soap filmed the car accident as part of their end-of-year cliffhanger and return in Blayney last year. In a candid chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jacqui reveals how “crazy” it was sitting in the flame-covered car and shares a personal moment she had while on set.

Jacqui claims she truly liked the plot and called it “the best acting experience” she’s ever had, despite the fact that the celebrity put on an amazing performance while screaming from the backseat.

“Being able to film such bizarre, wild sequences is really such a blessing for an actor. It’s a moment that you rarely experience in real life. It was incredible,” she exclaims.

Using special effect flame bars, the crew was able to control the height and spread of the flames encircling the car. Jacqui claims that even though the flames started out safely and subtly, the heat was still shocking.

She remembers, “They’d have huge flames going up, and I was in the car, there was flames everywhere.” “I was in the car, but I could feel the heat because it was so intense. Since it was so ominous and bizarre, I didn’t feel the need to pretend.

The bubbly blonde enjoys tackling stunt work and action scenes and the fire sequence was a stark contrast from her regular Pier Diner or Salt scenes.

Though viewers may have guessed that the cast and crew spent days on the intricate stunt, Jacqui spills that it was completed in just ‘a couple of hours’. Bigger budget drama shows or films often shoot much slower, and she guesses that a scene of this size should have “taken five days”.

Jacqui reveals strange coincidence: ‘Started crying’

She continues by saying that the paramedics that appeared on screen were actual, licensed medical professionals, not actors. In fact, a paramedic thanked the actress for playing such a realistic plot while approaching the star in tears.

The paramedic had, by some strange chance, saved a victim from a flaming car before, and he was moved to tears as he saw the scene unfold.

“With one of the paramedics, I experienced the most amazing moment. He approached me… and he expressed how moved he was by the experience before actually crying, she says.

He was moved since he had gone through a similar event, according to the author.

The paramedic praised Jacqui for portraying the plot “so close to life,” calling it “awesome.”

“It’s simply such a huge honor for someone to say that to you and confirm that it is genuine because I have personally witnessed it. It was really unique… There were a lot of different emotions present, she adds.

Although multiple Summer Bay residents have now been rushed to hospital, not everybody is out of the woods just yet.

Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) and Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) are in critical condition, and Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) has been kidnapped by her abusive ex Jacob.

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