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Home and Away’s Leah Patterson to be targeted by Heather in new twist

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What does Heather have planned this time?

Leah in Home and Away is about to get into trouble as evil newbie Heather sets out to establish she’s not someone to mess with.

When Heather, her hidden daughter, showed up in Summer Bay, Marilyn Chambers had a shock that would forever alter her life. But Heather is not the kind kid she seems to be, and she is determined to get Marilyn into as much trouble as she can.

Leah will discover that Heather isn’t acting right in scenes appearing next week on Channel 5, but she might later regret getting involved to attempt to defend her friend.

Leah is convinced that Heather is causing trouble, and she is starting to consider the possibility that she could possibly be dangerous enough to endanger Marilyn’s life.

In light of this, Leah makes the decision to face Heather head-on, threatening to call the police if she dares to harm Marilyn.

Leah quickly receives a vivid reminder of the type of person she is dealing with, but Heather is unconcerned.

When Leah returns home later in the day, she is shocked to find the house wrecked and broken into. When Rose thinks it might have been a targeted attack, Leah quickly suspects Heather is to blame.

When Leah tells others she believes Heather is responsible for the damage to her house, she is forced to tell Justin the truth about who this troublesome visitor is. Justin is insistent that they should keep their distance from each other.

But instead, Leah ropes Rose in to help her get to the bottom of things – but when they turn up at the caravan to talk to Heather, they discover that she has gone, taking all of her things with her.

How will Marilyn react when she learns that Heather seems to have run away?

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