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Married at First Sight Australia fans convinced Tayla Winter is ‘gaslighting’ version of groom

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On Wednesday night’s episode, Rupert Budgen and Evelyn Ellis’ honeymoons also didn’t go as planned, but it was nurse Tayla Winter’s behavior that shocked viewers.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight, newlyweds Rupert and Evelyn and Hugo and Tayla enjoyed their honeymoons, while it went as planned for one pair who were left with nothing but an uncomfortable few days away.

Rupert, a socially awkward electrician, confessed that his “sexy” new wife, model Evelyn, gives him anxiety, leaving fans to “cringe” in public.

Fans were outraged by the 27-year-old nurse’s treatment of her new husband, which he even described as “inhumane,” during the 32-year-old Hugo and Tayla’s honeymoon in Victoria’s wine area.

The account executive had made a promise to his new wife that if necessary, he would “curl up on the edge of the bed,” but on their first night apart, he was forced to spend the night on the sofa because of his height.

the self-described “control freak” Tayla wouldn’t have any of it, so she first suggested he sleep on the floor with pillows. Then, thinking she had hit the jackpot, she recommended he spend the night on the window sill because it was a little bit bigger.

“You’re asking for respect with a pillow the size of a pizza slice? Tayla, it works both ways,” Hugo said to his new spouse.

He continued as he slid into the window, “I am not happy with how she is behaving – she said in her vows she was kind and fair but it’s her way or the high way so yes not happy.

Later on in the show, we learned that the pair had gone outside to play a game of croquet when Tayla decided to “ramp up the fun” by placing a wager in which the winner would receive the bed.

She didn’t disclose this, however, until she bet her new husband that it would indicate who would get the bed for the duration of the experiment, indicating that she expected him to spend weeks on end on the couch.

“No way we bet sleeping arrangements for the entire experiment,” Hugo said to the cameras. I didn’t mean everything; it’s inconceivable that she would confine someone on a couch for that long; that would be cruel.

When Tayla later said she was “not the tiniest bit sorry” for how she had made him feel, Hugo made the decision to approach her about it as they sat down to dinner.

She brutally informed Hugo that she was not interested in him and to “shut up” because she “likes the sound of his voice too much.”

When asked who she anticipated to see at the end of the aisle, Tayla responded, “Probably [I asked for] someone the opposite of you.”

When I first saw you, I thought, “Aw, he’s not very sporty,” but I can tell from the way you talk that you are. I consider myself to be a bit of a “man’s man,” meaning super fit, a bit rowdy, and fond of beer, and you aren’t that. Is that satisfactory?

I’m not sure where to go from there; I don’t see any interest or willingness to try; I find it difficult to comprehend why you’re here if you’re not willing to try. said Hugo.

In the meantime, things weren’t going well for the other new faces joining the program either. Rupert and Evelyn as she made an effort to undress and give the pair a bath in an effort to “heat up” their relationship, which left him red-faced and agitated.

Things got worse as he attempted to salvage the honeymoon by giving his wife a sensual massage, which led to him tickling her across her body while asking “tell me if that hurts” in a very awkward spa experience.

Fans expressed their concerns on Twitter, claiming Tayla is already displaying “emotionally abusive traits” similar to the show’s groom Harrison, who has previously come under fire for the way he treated his wife Bronte.

Tayla is the feminine Harrison, according to one commenter. What a total d***! Well done Hugo for attempting to make her answer for her spoiled and gaslighting behavior! “#MAFSAU #MAFSAUS #MAFS #MAFS Australia”

“With her demeanor, Tayla makes me think of an older Katie Price. Both ways… Another admirer added, “Tayla is a t**t #MAFSAU #MAFSAUS.”

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