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12 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

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What’s coming up in Walford?

On EastEnders the following week, the Panesar family is left in shock following a shocking confession from Ben, Mitch and his brother Avery must say goodbye, and Stacey receives an unexpected invitation.

Here is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 12 greatest moments.

1. Ben punches Kathy

Rocky, Kathy’s boyfriend, is not pleased with how Kathy’s son Ben has been treating her lately.

When Rocky tells Ben the truth about his actions, tempers start to fly.

Ben loses his cool and tries to attack Rocky, but Kathy is injured inadvertently during the altercation.

2. Ben has a new admirer

Ben discovers that James, the most recent patron at The Arches, is a classmate.

Ben, who is still living apart from his husband Callum, finds James’ flirting with him to be awkward.

3. Tragedy strikes for Mitch and his brother Avery

Mitch has had trouble getting back in touch with his estranged older brother, Avery. Sadly, Avery’s battle with deadly cancer is nearing its end.

His two boys, Finlay and Felix, surprise him at the laundromat with a Caribbean-themed party.

But when Avery dies, the joyous family celebration is going to take a devastating turn.

4. Suki welcomes Stacey into the family

When Suki invites Stacey to a family dinner at the Panesar home, she is taken aback.

As soon as she learned the truth about Stacey’s relationship with Suki’s oldest son, Kheerat, she became persuaded that the disapproving mother was out to get her.

However, is it possible that Suki is finally acting civilized?

5. Howie gets evicted

After her partner is kicked out of his apartment, Kim seizes the chance to make her living arrangements with Howie more permanent.

Kim sincerely hopes Howie will continue to live with her at 20 Albert Square.

6. Dana quits her job

Bobby and Dana, an ex-couple, argue once more.

Dana says she can no longer work with him and will leave Walford East.

When Kim suggests Howie to Kathy, there might already be a replacement ready and waiting.

7. Kheerat encourages Callum to help Ben

Due to his risky behavior, Ben’s business partner continues to be at odds with his loved ones, which worries Kheerat.

Kheerat tries to persuade Callum, Ben’s husband, to check on him. Does Callum concur?

8. Ben drowns his sorrows with drink and drugs

Ben is devastated to see Callum leaving for a night out with his former fiancée, Whitney, although he appears to be having such a good time. Ben meets up with James for a drink after getting into a disagreement with everyone else. As things progress, Ben brings James to The Arches, where the guys begin making out and using drugs.

9. Mitch discovers a family secret

After Finlay and Felix’s family tragedy, Karen and Harvey encourage Mitch to help Finlay and Felix.
Finlay and Felix have grand ideas for a lavish farewell for their father Avery.
But Mitch is about to learn something shocking about his older brother.

10. Ben makes a shock confession

Ben gets high and makes a scene at Peggy’s nightclub, so Kheerat brings his pal back to the Panesar residence so that his GP sister, Ash, may examine him.
Ben’s self-loathing and remorse overtake him as Kheerat continues to be good to him.
The Panesars are stunned when Ben drops the bombshell that he is responsible for the murder of Jags in prison last year.

11. Honey is not happy with Jay

Jay had a wild night out at Peggy’s with Lola and Frankie.

However, the young man’s late-night exploits get him into difficulty with Honey, his girlfriend, who becomes angry when he gets home inebriated.

12. Kathy and Phil fear for Ben

Phil, Kathy’s ex-husband, and Kathy share a concern for Ben.

When Ben’s parents learn he was involved in a fight, but with whom, things only grow worse.

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