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13 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Belle attacks Tom, Ethan left for dead and Ella’s strange behaviour

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Tom soon plays the victim

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers are revealed. Ella is obviously hiding something, but what is it? Belle loses it and lashes out at Tom, while Ethan gets hit and runs.

These are 13 major spoilers for next week’s episode of Emmerdale.

  1. Tom manipulates Liam
    After Tom agreed to get help to make their marriage work, Belle is pleased when he heads to the doctors. However, she has no idea what he’s telling Liam…

Tom makes out Belle is the one with anger issues and that she’s coercively controlling him. Will Liam believe Tom’s version of events?

  1. Tom puts on a show
    Mandy and Lydia are worried about Belle. She’s ignoring their calls and is not herself. When she and Tom head over for dinner, he puts on a show in front of them.

Belle relaxes a little when she hears Tom’s appointment with Liam went well. But she doesn’t realise he’s lying to her…

  1. Lisa’s anniversary took center stage
    Tom tricks Belle into staying at home on Lisa’s death anniversary once more. Rather than accompanying Sam and Lydia to a memorial picnic, he convinces her to stay home and wait for a package.
  2. Tom is pushed too far by criticism
    Tom is at work getting his appraisal. When he realizes Vanessa and Rhona are going to criticize him, he becomes irritated. It is not well received by him. It goes without saying that he will soon vent his frustrations on Belle.
  1. Belle flips
    When Tom discovers she didn’t wait in for his package he is fuming. He tells her she has ruined the day and then makes harsh comments about her mum.

It’s too much for Belle who sees red and loses it. She pushes Tom over and he falls to the ground. The villagers watch on, stunned. Has Belle just played right into Tom’s hands and made it look like she’s the one with problems?

What else is happening in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers?

  1. Ruby, Caleb and Cain all want revenge
    Ruby is distressed when Caleb breaks the news to her they still can’t bring Nicky out of his coma.

Things are tense when Caleb bumps into Ethan and Charles. Then later, when Caleb and Ruby see them again and Cain comes along, the thirst for revenge on Ethan is clear.

  1. Ethan in a hit and run
    When Ethan doesn’t show up for the village fete the next day, Charles is worried. And he’s right to be because on the outskirts of town, Ethan lies bloodied and bruised after being deliberately hit by a car. The vehicle screeches away, leaving Ethan on the ground.

He manages to limp back to the village before collapsing on Main Street. Ethan then claims he didn’t see his attacker, but with Cain, Ruby and Caleb watching on from a distance and satisfied, did one of them do it?

  1. Manpreet catches Ella out
    Ella panics when Liam suggests they stay at her place. She manages to deflect and later we see why – Ella is sleeping in her car.

Manpreet catches her out and embarrassed Ella begs her not to tell Liam. However, Manpreet accidentally does reveal the truth to him.

  1. Ella acts suspiciously as she moves in
    Liam suggests Ella move into his spare room as a temporary solution to her situation. As she moves her stuff in Mandy is being nosy and asks about Ella’s family.

Mandy then picks up an old photograph and Ella snaps at her. Confused Mandy then warns Liam to make sure Ella has no skeletons in her closet before he takes things any further.

  1. Who is Ella visiting?
    Liam clumsily asks Ella some questions and she is rattled by their intrusive nature. She rushes out of the house. Ella then visits a care home – but who is she there to see? And why is she being so secretive about it?

More Emmerdale spoilers

  1. Mack and Charity were exposed
    Mack and Charity are both concerned about their lack of closeness. They realize that nothing is happening because of their busy lives when they eventually muster the courage to talk to each other about it.

When the couple does get some alone time, they make love in a barn! They are unaware, though, that Minty the lamb has vanished, and the entire village, along with a newspaper photographer, is searching for him—and they are headed straight for the barn!

  1. Marlon and Rhona’s tensions
    Heading into their first counseling session, Rhona and Marlon are determined to make their marriage work. But things don’t go smoothly.
  1. Dawn and Billy at odds in Emmerdale spoilers
    Dawn is stressed and exhausted. She is also blaming her past mistakes for what is happening to Evan. Meanwhile, Billy is worried that no matter how hard he tries or how much he does, it’s just not enough for Dawn. Will steps in and encourages the pair to make up, but can they move forward?
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