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5 EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway and Phil Mitchell grow suspicious over Keanu’s murder

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In addition, Maya is up to no good, Stevie is on a quest, and Yolande confronts her assailant.

Fans can celebrate because Callum Highway (Tony Clay) will get some much-needed screen time the next week when he gets involved in Keanu Taylor’s (Danny Walters) murder investigation. Will Callum be able to expose The Six’s lie?

As everything is going on, Howard Saddler’s character Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) is terrified to confront sexual predator Pastor Clayton.

While Billy Mitchell’s son Will Mitchell (Freddie Phillips) is having problems and Lola Pearce-Brown’s (Danielle Harold) fundraiser is facing a setback, Stevie Mitchell (Alan Ford) worries about his son Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

Lastly, can Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) trust Maya Houssain (Bharti Patel), his new acquaintance, who might be up to no good?

Callum Highway investigates Keanu Taylor’s murder

Absent from his daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) and son Ben (Max Bowden), Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) feels alone on Father’s Day. When Denise Fox (Diane Parish) drives their son Raymond Dawkins (Michael Jose Pomares Calixte) across the street to prepare for her grandson Jordan’s baptism, he gets even more hurt.

After Callum fails to extend an invitation to Phil for Ben’s video call that day, Phil becomes enraged and asks Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) if he may spend more time with their son Albie. Sharon, who had been reluctant to agree, gives in and feels comforted by the father-son bonding over football.

Callum is persuaded by Sharon to invite Phil to Ben’s call after all, but Sharon leaves quickly when Callum questions her about Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) and Keanu. Before Callum gets ready for Ben’s video chat from prison in America, a remark made by real killer Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) raises doubts in Callum’s mind once more.

After Callum tells Phil about his previous conversation with Sharon, Phil goes back to see her. Phil wants to know the truth after seeing a questionable text from Linda on her phone. Phil proceeds to ask Linda, but Sharon stops him in his tracks since she is convinced that there is nothing to disclose.

As the week goes on, Sharon gets frightened when she runs into Callum at the café and he says he’s talking to the police who looked into Keanu’s death. Talking about ways to keep Callum off the scent are Sharon, Linda, Johnny Carter (Charlie Suff), and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

While Johnny tries to use Ben’s absence to persuade Callum to give up on his suspicions, Jack tries to discourage Callum from delving into the situation. Will Callum be able to stop himself with this, or will he discover that Linda is the one who killed Keanu?

In the meanwhile, Sharon gives Phil extra time to spend with Albie, and while they are alone, Phil tells the young child that he is indeed his father. Is Phil aware of Sharon’s role in the cover-up, though?

Actor Clay responded, “I think it ordinarily would be out of character for Callum to be hellbent on catching Keanu’s killer, given their history,” when asked what drives him to investigate Keanu’s case.

“I believe he’s simply grasping onto anything to keep him occupied and focused so he won’t have to consider his own emotions around Ben’s absence. Undoubtedly, it serves as a diversion from his personal affairs.”

Could Johnny use Ben’s predicament to his advantage by persuading Callum that he’s exaggerating things because he misses his husband?

Yolande Trueman haunted by Pastor Clayton’s presence

Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) tries to convince Yolande to skip the baptism, but she’s determined to attend. Yolande is annoyed to hear that Patrick has tried to meddle in Chelsea Fox’s (Zaraah Abrahams) plans, and the pair share a heated exchange.

Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) gives Yolande a boost with some advice, but it’s short-lived when she comes face-to-face with Pastor Clayton and his wife Stella (Velile Tshabalala) outside the community centre. Yolande is anxious as Jordan’s baptism day arrives, but Patrick is supportive.

Chelsea is nervous for other reasons, only to be distracted by her aunt Kim Fox’s (Tameka Empson) outfit! At the church, Denise senses something is up with Yolande and tries to speak to her alone, while Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) bumps into Yolande while she’s praying, and the pair have an unexpected heart-to-heart about bravery.

Yolande finds the strength to go ahead with the occasion as planned, but it soon becomes too much and she shouts at Clayton, before running out of the church. Will Clayton ever be brought to justice?

3. Stevie Mitchell causes concern as he helps grandson Will Mitchell

As Stevie, Billy, Jack, and Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson) take their sons fishing on Father’s Day, Stevie takes Denzel (Jaden Ladega), Will, and Ricky’s (Frankie Day) phones away from them, forcing them to spend time in nature and spend time with their fathers.

Billy worries about his father’s safety when Stevie addresses him incorrectly; we speculate that Stevie may be referring to Teddy (Roland Manookian), Stevie’s other kid, instead. Billy will be shocked to learn that Teddy is coming, along with his own sons Harry (Elijah Holloway) and Barney (Lewis Bridgeman), according to EastEnders!

Billy is concerned about Stevie’s apparent memory loss prior to this significant on-screen revelation, but he is quickly sidetracked by Will when he has to take the teen’s phone away after returning to Walford. After calming things down, Stevie spots Will ready to take something from his mother Honey Mitchell’s (Emma Barton) pocketbook.

As Will tries to hide, Stevie finds a text on his phone and coerces him into telling the truth: he’s being blackmailed! At the last minute, Stevie decides not to tell Billy and instead seeks Mo Harris (Laila Morse) for assistance.

In an attempt to generate money for Will, Mo and Stevie sell stolen goods on the open market, but their successful venture is ruined by an interfering Phil when Honey and Billy shut down the unlicensed stand.

In an attempt to generate money for Will, Mo and Stevie sell stolen goods on the open market, but their successful venture is ruined by an interfering Phil when Honey and Billy shut down the unlicensed stand.

Lola Pearce-Brown’s fundraiser ruined by theft

Stevie isn’t in the mood to rejoice as the charity event honoring Lola begins at The Vic because he feels bad for disappointing Will.

Mo cheers Stevie up, and the two perform a successful magic show as Jamie Borthwick, Lola’s widower, plays the guitar and sings.

However, when the villagers discover later that the charity funds have been taken, they are appalled! Does this relate to Will’s predicament in any way? Or is there another explanation that has nothing to do with this enigmatic plot?

Maya Houssain digs into Harvey Monroe’s past

After a friend stands Maya up, Harvey and Maya go to lunch together. However, when the topic of their families comes up, the dialogue becomes tense as Harvey divulges the truth about his son Aaron’s (Charlie Wernham) illegal activities.

When Maya doesn’t reply to his text, Harvey fears he’s lost a friend, but we soon witness her researching Aaron’s criminal past. Why is Maya doing this?

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