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6 Emmerdale Spoilers for Next Week – 3rd to 7th June

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Next week on Emmerdale, Marlon considers divorcing Rose, Matty’s freedom and Samson’s life are in jeopardy, and Rose makes a grave error.

1) Matty endures mistreatment

It would be reasonable to assume that Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Matty (Ash Palmisciano), six weeks after their somewhat tense wedding day, are adjusting to married life amicably.

As he considers asking Jai (Chris Bisson) for a pay raise so he and Amy can move into a new place together, Matty is, in fact, in a particularly good mood the following week.

However, since this is Emmerdale, the couple will be shocked when a violent fight at The Hide puts Matty’s freedom and Samson’s (Sam Hall) life in jeopardy.

After passing his driving test, Samson plans to take new friend Josh (Osian Morgan) on a road trip through Europe, which he shares with Sam (James Hooton) and Lydia (Karen Blick) up at Wishing Well Cottage.

Lydia isn’t overly thrilled with the concept and secretly hopes that Samson won’t pass his test or that the car he bought won’t be accepted as legally driven.

When Cain (Jeff Hordley) gives the car the all-clear, Lydia masks her disappointment, but before long, Samson and Josh are pulling up to the house with Samson’s L plates removed. His test was passed! Lydia’s blatant attempt to congratulate Samson pisses him off a little, but soon he finds himself thinking about celebrating the achievement.

Josh shows Amy a lot of affection as the teenagers make their way up to The Hide.

Ash Palmisciano says, “Josh starts to flirt with Amy and at first Matty is a bit taken aback but he takes it with a pinch of salt.” “They’re much younger, Josh seems like a bit of a cheeky chappy, and Matty is more amused and tolerating it at first because he knows that he and Amy are so solid and he trusts her so much.”

When Matty witnesses Amy correcting Josh, he is pleased. However, over time, Josh’s comments begin to single out Matty, who Josh is obviously aware is transgender.

Ash goes on, “It starts off bantering and creating a little scene in the Hop before really picking on Matty.” He addresses him as “she” and begins to say, “I know who you are, I know what you are.” Furthermore, he makes it quite evident that he is aware of Matty and is not at all pleased with him.

“A few remarks, a few uncomfortable glares, some name-calling, and it puts Matty on edge right now.”

Matty confronts Josh, and the tables are turned when Amy chooses to leave work early rather than put up with any more of his foolishness. After taking away Josh and Samson’s drinks and beginning to deliver some hard truths, Matty humiliates Josh and tells him to leave the property.

Matty is surprised by Samson’s response, though, as he fails to correct his friend.

Samson is supporting it, which is shocking because Samson has only a tenuous familial relationship with him. Matty is starting to wonder if Samson is genuinely afraid of Josh because Samson is stepping back and allowing Josh to make fun of him and try to intimidate him. Is he complying because Josh is pressuring him to do so?

2) Samson’s survival is in jeopardy

Reluctantly, Samson goes back inside after an agitated Josh begins to call Matty offensive names. Josh believes he needs to be disciplined.

Josh kicks up a fuss about getting reimbursed for the drinks they were not permitted to consume. Matty complies because he doesn’t want to make things worse.

But, Josh then demands all of the money from the till, which causes the situation to abruptly change.

Ash informs us that Josh “actually picks up a glass bottle and hands one to Samson.” They push to take the money from the till by threatening Matty and getting in his face.

They threaten to do him serious harm if Matty doesn’t give them the money, they say to him in barely audible terms. Matty is unsure of how to respond to the situation, which is very much a fight-or-flight scenario.

He makes an attempt to win over Samson’s kindness by saying, “Look, we’re family. What are you doing? This isn’t something you should be doing.

Matty tries to get the two to leave as the situation gets worse and keeps clearing away some plates and silverware. But Josh just so happens to shove Samson in Matty’s direction as he picks up a knife from a discarded pizza board.

While Samson clings to Matty, there is a brief period of confusion before they look down and see that Samson has been stabbed by the knife Matty was holding!

As Jai enters at that precise moment, he finds Samson bleeding profusely and an astounded Matty holding a bloody knife in front of him.

Josh quickly manipulates the situation in front of Jai, accusing Matty of approaching the two of them and pleading with Jai to keep him at bay as he grows anxious about his friend.

Matty finds it difficult to process what has occurred and is slow to realize the possible consequences.

Ash says, “At this point, Matty is completely bewildered.” “He’s trying to figure out how it got this bad, it’s one of those situations that’s gotten out of control.”

“Matty is not one to engage in conflict, so this is really out of character for him. His day began with such joy and happiness that he was taken aback by what had transpired. The fact that he begins to consider how this might appear and what that might imply for a character like Matty when the police arrive, in my opinion, is what really makes it realistic.

3) The marriage between Rhona and Marlon deteriorates

In another part of the village, Rhona (Zoe Henry) and Marlon (Mark Charnock) are spiraling out of control and end up in another slanging match.

Since Rhona dramatically turned against her ex-husband Gus (Alan McKenna) during his trial and gave a damning witness statement that resulted in his eight-year prison sentence, things between the two have been tense.

The fact that Rhona had decided to back Gus without first consulting Marlon was more of a problem for him than the fact that she had changed her mind about it, which is a practice that has all too frequently occurred lately.

The couple merely argued during their first session with a marriage counselor, and the following week, Marlon becomes agitated during a chat with vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin).

Rhona is happy to talk when Charles brings up the possibility of having Ivy christened, but when Marlon enters the room, he becomes enraged to learn that another event appears to be planned without his knowledge.

Rhona makes an effort to clarify to Marlon that Charles raised the matter, but Marlon becomes irritated with Rhona’s constant need to find an explanation for her behavior.

After things get so heated that Marlon throws a bowl of meringue across the Woolpack kitchen in a fit of rage, Rhona is devastated to learn that Marlon is taking his best friend Paddy (Dominic Brunt) camping so they can discuss whether to call it quits on their marriage.

4) Paddy makes an effort to persuade Marlon.

While on the trip, Paddy tries to talk Marlon into fighting just as hard for his marriage as he did for his stroke after learning with shock that Marlon still believes he should divorce Rhona.

Will Paddy be able to communicate with him, though?

In the meantime, Mary advises Rhona that in order to preserve her marriage, she must act decisively on her own.

5) Rose makes Kim and Will uncomfortable

As Rose (Christine Tremarco) tries to continue fostering a relationship with her daughter Dawn (Olivia Bromley), she makes a terrible mistake over at Home Farm.

Despite being cut off from Dawn since she was five years old, Rose has managed to find herself living in “the big house” at the moment with her ex-husband Will (Dean Andrews) and his wife Kim (Claire King).

But, it was made clear last week that Rose had more than one reason for being at Home Farm when it was disclosed that she was working with none other than Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingley) on a scheme to depose Kim.

However, Dawn and her spouse Billy (Jay Kontzle) have been preoccupied with their infant Evan, who was just given an acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis.

After spending most of her time at the hospital, Dawn is worn out. When Evan gets sick the following week, she quickly accuses Billy, who has been coming and going while watching Clemmie and Lucas, of bringing germs into the house.

When Dawn’s mother offers her a few hours of quiet time and invites her to have a brandy to unwind, Dawn is appreciative. Unaware that Dawn’s daughter was once an addict, Rose offers her some potent sleeping pills as a solution when Dawn can’t sleep.

Enraged, Will and Kim burst into the room as soon as they hear the conversation. Will tells Rose that Dawn is in recovery, which Rose should have known if she had continued to have contact with her daughter over the years.

Rose receives a final warning from Will, who also threatens to kick her out of Home Farm if she makes one more mistake.

Dawn expresses to her mother her forgiveness for the error and her gratitude for the time they have spent getting to know one another.

Rose is encouraged by her daughter’s remarks, but Kim quickly puts her back on track by telling her that she won’t be able to make Will forgive the pain she’s caused.

Later, Rose tells her accomplice Ruby about the most recent hiccup in their plans, but Ruby warns her that if they are to succeed, they cannot make any more mistakes.

6) Liam finds it difficult to accept Ella’s reality.

The following week, Jonny McPherson’s character Liam is having difficulties following his discovery of the terrible past of his girlfriend Ella (Paula Lane).

Cain offers Liam a beer and reassures him that he cares about what he’s going through while Liam gathers his thoughts on the humpback bridge, the scene of his daughter Leanna’s (Mimi Slinger) death.

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