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9 Coronation Street Spoilers for Next Week – 3rd to 7th June

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The following week on Coronation Street, Nick exposes Leanne and Rowan, Adam finds out the truth about Bobby’s false statement, Joel pops the question to Dee-Dee, and Simon says goodbye.

1) A crucial hint disappears

Following a thrilling episode of Corrie, during which viewers at last discovered who had attacked Lauren Fitton, life resumes in Weatherfield, with the locals blissfully oblivious to the fact that the real culprit—solicitor Joel Deering, played by Callum Lill—is strolling among them.

The person who is most relieved that her client Roy (David Neilson) is now free after Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper) was imprisoned for the crime is Joel’s girlfriend Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Joel’s revelation to Dee-Dee that he had become Nathan’s duty solicitor had caused some friction between them, but they have since moved past it. Joel will tell Dee-Dee next week that he has reserved a table at the bistro so she can meet his parents.

Joel meets with Nathan to talk about the case, and Bethany promptly tells Craig (Colson Smith) about Ellie (Lola Blue), the sex worker, and the latest developments. Ellie had verified that the man in Bethany’s picture, Nathan, was in fact her violent client when Bethany paid her a visit at her apartment.

Bethany was unaware, though, that Joel had already reached Ellie, slyly paying her to fabricate evidence against Nathan.

When Craig goes to check on Ellie’s situation, she has already moved out, according to her flatmate, who says that Ellie appeared afraid of something.

2) Adam learns of Bobby’s deception

Colleague Adam (Sam Richardson) is shocked to learn that Bobby (Jack Carroll) made up a statement in an attempt to assist Roy after Dee-Dee successfully informs him of it. Bobby’s words were the one that unintentionally included Adam’s uncle Daniel (Rob Mallard) in the picture.

Adam doesn’t take long to find Bobby and the Barlows at the Rovers, where he also meets Carla (Ali King), who had accepted the lie after it was already confirmed, and tells them the truth.

Bobby apologizes to Carla for all the trouble he’s caused and says he thinks it might be best for them both if he moves out of the apartment when Ken later treats them both poorly. Reluctantly, Carla accepts, and a distraught Bobby begins gathering his belongings.

Meeting the parents is a complete failure.

Joel promises his parents that once they get to know Dee-Dee, they will love her, but on Wednesday, the crucial lunch doesn’t go as planned in the bistro. Joel’s girlfriend is quickly shown to be the object of both Gus (Chris Garner) and Anthea (Carol Royle), with Anthea being especially contemptuous.

Dee-Dee becomes enraged and storms out when Andrea continues to speak to her in a condescending manner.

4) Joel proposes to Dee-Dee

Later, Joel calls her at her apartment to apologize for what happened, but what surprises Dee-Dee even more is when he then kneels down and pops the question!

Calum Lill says, “I think the proposal comes from the fact that he thinks there’s a genuine possibility that the game is up,” aware that Hope (Isabella Flanagan), one of the residents, has unintentionally discovered clues to his sinister secret.

“He’s going through a really difficult time and he could face consequences for something he truly feels was not his fault.”

“Everything you observe regarding his behavior toward Dee-Dee is sincere. And he’s running to tie the knot with this woman he truly loves. Part of his proposal stems from his guilt, and part from his belief that he stands a good chance of going to prison and never seeing her again. He is attempting to express to her how much he thinks he loves her.

Will Dee-Dee accept the offer and give herself over to a deviant?

5) Simon bids farewell to Weatherfield

Simon (Alex Bain) is getting ready to leave Weatherfield and go work with his father Peter (Chris Gascoyne) on a yacht that is circumnavigating the globe, somewhere else on the cobbles.

The only problem is that Leanne (Jane Danson) has not received any communication from Nick (Ben Price) informing her that her adopted son is ready to leave the street. Currently, Rowan’s (Emrhys Cooper) self-help organization, “the Institute,” is in charge of Leanne’s “retreat.”

Prior to Peter’s job offer, Rowan almost persuaded Simon to join the evil group, but Leanne disregarded Nick’s and Georgia Taylor’s sister Toyah’s (Georgia Taylor) worries.

Leanne is upset to hear of Simon’s upcoming departure when she finally returns, a day late, despite Nick’s request that Rowan forward the message to Leanne.

Leanne loses it when Nick tells her that he told Rowan, and she starts accusing Nick and Toyah of planning an attack on her.

The Barlows get together in the bistro to wish Simon a happy departure; Leanne is especially sad about having to say goodbye.

For actor Alex Bain, who has been playing Simon since he was six years old for sixteen years, the episode signifies the end of an era.

Alex tells us, “It was very emotional, which makes sense because it has played a significant role in my life.” “Since we filmed out of order, the last scene I filmed wasn’t Simon’s final appearance in the show; instead, he was saying goodbye to Carla in Roy’s Rolls.

“After my parents, Paul and Debra, arrived to observe the scene, the director graciously proposed that they serve as background performers in the cafe.”

Even though Alex is sad to be leaving, he can at least find solace in the fact that Simon’s departure is a good thing, as the character had a very trying year and turned to alcohol like his father had.

“That he is literally sailing off into the sunset with his dad and that there is hope for his future, I am so happy that he has a happy ending,” he says. Since he hasn’t died, I don’t need to grieve for him. He is not incarcerated.

“I can picture him enjoying himself greatly with his father, sipping orange juice on the boat in the middle of nowhere. Their relationship is probably at its best right now.

6) Leanne is caught out by Nick

Leanne waves Simon off, storms home, and starts talking to someone on her laptop. She says she’s lonely now that Simon is gone and that she wishes she could be with them.

During the week, Rowan gives Leanne a call and they hug before he shows her the posts that Toyah has been making on the internet alerting people about the Institute.

Even though Leanne is upset with her sister, the Institute is also upset about her remarks and wants to stop them.

When Toyah finds out that the Institute is suing her for defamation and has issued an injunction against her, she receives a handwritten letter at the bistro!

Later, Toyah hears Leanne confessing her love to someone via the laptop. Startled, Toyah asks whether it’s Rowan, but Leanne says it’s not.

Nick returns home after learning of the most recent event to discover Leanne and Rowan sitting down and holding hands. How is Leanne going to justify her escape from this one?

7) Toyah is arrested!

The arrival of the police cuts off Toyah and Leanne’s conversation as she begs Leanne to see the true nature of Rowan.

After receiving a tip, Kit (Jacob Roberts) tells Toyah that they’ve discovered a baby’s body buried in North Cross Park and that she’s being charged with murder! Is Leanne taking advantage of her own sister?

8) Glenda makes a snap decision.

The conflict between Glenda (Jodie Prenger) and George (Tony Maudsley) erupts again the following week when Glenda acts harshly against her brother in secret.

When Glenda found out that their father Archie’s will had been found in the undertakers, she became enraged because she thought she would inherit half of the company.

Given that the date was illegible and thus not legally binding, Glenda was adamant that George repay her what she was owed.

George, however, paid Glenda off with £22,000, enough to purchase the Little Big Shotz theater company that she was frantically trying to save, realizing that her involvement in the company could very well cause them to fail.

George doesn’t know it, but Glenda is back for more.

Glenda is evasive when George asks how the business purchase is going, and she feels bad when she finds out later that he’s generously sending money to Eileen (Sue Cleaver) in Thailand to help pay for her son Jason’s medical expenses after an accident, since his travel insurance has run out.

While Glenda feels horrible about it, she appreciates Michael’s support when he tells her that her father clearly wanted her to have half of the company. Glenda confides in Michael (Ryan Russell) that George is unaware that she is suing him over the will.

Glenda is taken aback when attorney Dee-Dee subsequently informs her that she is also entitled to half of George’s house, and she proceeds to file the necessary paperwork to initiate the process.

While George and Todd (Gareth Pierce) are having a business conversation with a prospective client at the undertakers, Dee-Dee brings George the letter containing Glenda’s plan to sue him for half of his company and house.

George storms over to the Rovers and gets into a heated argument with his sister, who stands by her position and threatens to take him to court.

9) Michael gives Glenda an unexpected kiss.

Glenda tells Michael in the back room that she always felt like the second best child in their father’s eyes, behind her older brother. This shows how much the situation has affected her.

Michael tries to cheer her up by telling her that she’s intelligent, funny, and kind. To Glenda’s astonishment, he then goes one step farther and leans in for a kiss!

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