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A look Irene Roberts’ most iconic moments on Home and Away throughout the years

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The soap veteran has been through drama, tragedy and more than her fair share of bad romances.

Irene is arguably the most recognizable character from Home and Away.
Irene, portrayed by Lynne McGranger, has been a recurring character on the Logie Award-winning TV WEEK show since 1993.
We’ve watched the endearing larrikin change over the years from a chain-smoking, blonde with a pixie cut into a caring, fiery lady whose door is always open to those in need.

We’re taking a look back at 28 years of Irene’s most dramatic incidents, from terrible romances to family tragedies.

Fighting with Pippa (1992):Irene, who was previously portrayed by Jacqui Phillips, threatened Damian (Matt Doran) and Finlay (Tina Thomsen) with violence in order to force them to leave on her terms. Irene and Pippa got into a significant verbal altercation after Pippa (Debra Lawrance) became aggressive in defense of her two foster children.

Coming back (1993): When Lynne McGranger initially played Irene, she returned to town worried about Finlay after a diving mishap. She had calmed down, but she continued to smoke. She was appreciative of everyone who was kind to her, even Pippa. I’m not used to folks showing up all polite!

Giving birth (1997):Irene raised Finlay as if she were her own child. Right up until her car was caught in traffic on the way to the hospital, she didn’t give any thought to her contractions. Thankfully, she arrived at the hospital in time, where she gave birth to a child named Paul. Paul was unfortunately abducted not long after his birth.

Being stalked (2000): Irene and Ken (Anthony Phelan) appeared to be getting along well until Ken’s ex-wife Eve (Robyn Gibbes) left a mental hospital. She poisoned Irene, then later accosted her in her home with a cricket bat in a spooky scene. Irene was saved by Eve’s son Nick (Chris Egan), who insisted, “Irene’s a lovely person, Mum.”

Seeing the future (2000):In a nightmare, Irene received a call from her fiancé Ken. She dashed through the underbrush to the edge of the cliff, where she gasped in terror and gazed down. Ken’s death was predicted, and he regrettably did pass away. Just before he and Irene were about to get married, a car ran over him.

Losing her mind (2005):Given that Chloe (Kristy Wright) had been deceased for some time, Irene was more than a little horrified to arrive home and discover her there. Irene was later identified as having psychosis while in the hospital. But in reality, she was being poisoned by Corey (Adam Saunders), the policeman who shared her home.

Dating a killer (2006): Irene experienced heartache as the romance came to an end. She found out Barry (Ivar Kants) was a double murderer after dating him. He arrived at her residence to declare his love for her. She screamed, “How dare you enter my home, claiming you care!” She cried out and fell to the ground into his arms.

Shooting a cop (2009): The boat vacation Irene took with her boyfriend Lou (David Roberts) ended disastrously. Irene began drinking out of fear after Lou vanished, and she eventually unintentionally shot a police officer. Irene was put on trial by Angelo (Luke Jacobz) for the shooting, and she was also suspected of being responsible for Lou’s disappearance. She was undoubtedly innocent.

Diner fire (2010)

After the diner was attacked during the racial riots, Irene was saddened. Leah (Ada Nicodemou), her business partner, struggled in the aftermath, isolating herself from society and having agoraphobia.

Breast cancer (2011)

Irene received a breast cancer diagnosis after seeing a lump in her breast. At the time, Lynne remarked to TV WEEK, “This is the hardest thing she’s faced.

Bombing victim (2013):Irene’s life was in jeopardy in 2013’s cliffhanger finale. Irene graciously brought in coffee and snacks for them after Bianca (Lisa Gormley) and Heath (Dan Ewing) had hurried Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) to the hospital. When Jade (Tasma Walton), who had hidden the explosives in Bianca’s laptop bag, detonated it, Irene was just about to leave. Despite being thrown into a wall, Irene lived.

Dating disaster (2015): Irene hasn’t had much luck with guys, poor thing. She just re-entered the dating scene by going out with the principal of the school, Greg Snelgrove (Paul Gleeson). Greg, who adored fish tanks, ended out not to be her ideal partner after all. Irene, there are lots of fish in the sea!

Attacking Tommy (2019)

When the previous foster mother returned home, she discovered Bella fending off Tommy, an unstable internet attacker. Irene seized Bella and swung a vase at him in a fit of rage.

Irene’s prior experience with sexual assault served as the catalyst for her violent reaction, and she was overcome by sadness and guilt. At the time, Lynne said that the woman “tussles with it for a while, but in the end says no, they have to tell the truth.”

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