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Ada Nicodemou and Adam Rigby spark engagement rumours as they enjoy idyllic Queenstown holiday after five years together

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Adam Rigby and Ada Nicodemou have once more fueled engagement rumours.

The 45-year-old Home and Away actress posted many Instagram pictures of herself and Adam taken last week in Queenstown.

Many admirers have reportedly questioned whether the couple will be married, according to Woman’s Day.

The publication reported that Ada had given Adam high marks.

“It is tremendously special for a man to come into my world and love my child as if he were his own—and love me like I’ve never known before.”

In October, the pair commemorated their fifth wedding anniversary.

According to the report, a number of fans appeared enamoured with the couple questioning when the pair will tie-the-knot after five-years-ago. Here with her son Johnas, nine

Ada paid tribute to her boyfriend at the time on social media.

She captioned the image with “Thank you for five beautiful years, darling,” along with a few red heart emojis.

While many admirers congratulated the couple on their romance, others pushed them to consider moving forwards.

‘For a man to come into my world and love my child as if he were his own – and love me like I’ve never known before – is incredibly special,’ Ada said, according to the report

Time to put a ring on it, wrote one enthusiastic supporter.

Another perplexed viewer then prematurely chimed in, saying, “Happy wedding anniversary gentlemen, you look just stunning!”

On May 23, 2016, Ada paid a loving tribute to her partner in honour of his birthday.

She praised him at the moment for his ongoing assistance and for being Johnas’ stepfather, age nine.

She started her post with, “Happy birthday darling, I hope u feel loved and indulged, Johnas and I LOVE you.”

She captioned a selfie of the cute couple with, “You love us and support us so much, thank you for all you do for us and we adore you.”

Ada also shared a picture of Adam sitting next to her son John while they supported her during her Dancing with the Stars performance in April of last year.

The endearing image was captioned by Ada as “My support crew watching mummy.”

The actress and her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas share custody of Johnas.

In May last year, Ada shared a heartfelt tribute to Adam on his birthday (both pictured) 

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