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Ada Nicodemou says Home and Away’s landmark 8000th episode is “just perfect”

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Ada Nicodemou: “To be part of such an iconic show, I never take it for granted”

On March 27, the 8000th episode of Home and Away will air, marking a significant milestone for the series. And it’s nothing less than an enormously cruel achievement for the cast.

Ada Nicodemou, the series’ star and Leah Patterson in the soap since 2000, says she has “always been very proud to be a part of” the program.

In an interview with Mediaweek, Nicodemou stated, “I’ve always been very proud to be a part of the show.” I was in school when the first episode of Home and Away aired, and I remember being so eager to watch the show. I was literally just saying to Ray [Meagher] that. Since that time, I have been a huge fan.

“So to now be part of such an iconic show, I never take it for granted. It’s an institution in this country and worldwide, and I’m so proud of the product we produce.”

Nicodemou believes that although the soap opera is dramatic, “it’s always up with the times.”

“It looks fantastic and addresses existing difficulties. We have a lovely setting. And I believe that there is always a character on the program that people of all ages can relate to. I believe that having a relatable character is crucial when watching television.

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The 8000th milestone episode will feature Felicity and Tane’s wedding

The highly anticipated wedding of Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane (Ethan Zane Brown) will take place in tonight’s landmark episode. After a car accident prevented their first trip to the altar, they will exchange vows at a traditional Mori wedding complete with Kaikaranga and traditional poi dancers.

Regarding the 8000th installment, the 45-year-old commented, “It’s a great episode.” “I believe that everyone enjoys attending weddings. We enjoy seeing some happy resolutions…It seems to me to be just right. I believe the audience will enjoy the payout. And I think it’s good to celebrate it that way after 8000 episodes.

Additionally, she added that while it didn’t start out that way, the addition of cultural variety is now a definite element of the series and should be celebrated. For Nicodemou, a Greek-American, it’s good news for Australian television.

“There’s obviously some drama, but I think it’s a really interesting episode to see how a Maori wedding is done as well,” she continued. “I recall when I was a child watching TV, no one looked like me. When a Greek individual appeared on television, everything changed to just breaking dishes. Just how stereotypical was it? Leah is Greek now, no doubt, but we’re not sort of sitting there discussing it.

Additionally, tonight’s program will address abortion, a subject that has long been taboo on television, something she feels is crucial to opening up family discussions about.

“I believe that is why Home and Away has succeeded so well. Over the years, we have dealt with many delicate subjects through our storylines, such as abortion, rape, and same-sex marriage. All of that has come up, and it is believed that we should not discuss it because it is improper.

“You can discuss your opinions with your family in a rather informal setting over dinner. When something on TV comes up when my son, Jonas, age 10, and I are watching it, it offers you the chance to ask him, “Well, Jonas, how do you feel about this?”

It also aids those who might be experiencing difficulties. I suppose you feel more normal or accepted if you watch your favorite character go through it on TV.

Ada Nicodemou reveals why she has stayed on Home and Away for over two decades

Nicodemou’s Leah has been a staple on the series for over two decades, with no signs of slowing down.

In fact, the actress said that she would play Leah for “as long as they will have me”.

“It’s funny because you say 23 years and I don’t remember my time beforehand, but I don’t also feel like I’ve been there for that long,” she admitted. “I just recently had like two to three weeks off work and God I missed everyone… It’s such a lovely place to work.”

Recently, the actress took to Instagram to call her co-stars “family”, a sentiment she explained further.

“It is like a second family. We’ve all had children, we all know each other’s families and we work really, really hard and enjoy what we do.

“You joke, you laugh, you cry, you tell them everything. I don’t feel like I’m going to work. It’s not a chore and we hang out a lot with people outside of work as well. So it’s just a nice place to be.”

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