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After Chloe Harris’ pregnancy scare, Emmerdale viewers are perplexed by a character who seems to be disappearing.

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Chloe Harris and Mackenzie Boyd from Emmerdale have been getting along well lately and have been making plans for the future, but will it all fall apart?

Although Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) of Emmerdale confessed in her sister Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) that she might be pregnant, many viewers were perplexed as to what had become of her first child Reuben Harris (Sebastian Kenneth Downes).

Reuben was born to Chloe and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) six months ago after the two had concealed their relationship.

The couple chose to try their relationship and partnership as parents after getting back on track after having a baby.

However, as things stand, Chloe is unaware that Mackenzie recently had a secret relationship with his ex-wife Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

Chloe revealed in Amy during tonight’s episode that she believed she was pregnant once more and was using breastfeeding as a means of defense.

Later, she made the decision to order a pregnancy test, which Mack observed her purchasing. Excited at the prospect of having another child together, he made the decision to propose as well.

But as soon as they realized they hadn’t seen Reuben in a while, people started to wonder where he had gone and grew perplexed.

@Surfingspaniel asked on their X, formerly known as Twitter, accounts: “Where’s Reuben gone? He’s no longer visible, #Emmerdale.

Who looks after Reuben after Glowy goes back to bed? @CaroleAnn1982 added. #emmerdale.”

Anyone else concerned about where Reuben is? asked @NotifMeNINE. I haven’t seen him in a long, and now that a new baby is expected, I am even more concerned.

Taylor Niles expressed: “Urm… baby number 2 but where is baby number 1? Anyone else seen him?” (sic)

Others were stunned that Chloe and Mackenzie had managed to get pregnant again so soon, leaving Garry Enfield to note: “Chloe pregnant again, oh god no. #Emmerdale.”

@Mel_Navan quipped: “#Emmerdale So exhausted you could cry but still have unprotected sex Chloe….” (sic)

As she discussed Chloe and Mackenzie’s relationship, Jessie said: “Chloe is very insecure about his feelings for her, as much as she loves Mackenzie and the little family she has with him.

Chloe can’t get rid of the notion that her relationship with Mackenzie might end the same way because of her past experiences with losing friends and having people leave her.

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