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An ex-star of The Young and the Restless MOVES TO A GENERAL HOSPITAL? Drops Beans

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Do you miss Rey Rosales, the adored late star of The Young and the Restless? If so, then this information might just satisfy your hunger. Jordi Vilasuso, the actor who played Rey, has hinted that he might be getting ready to return to our screens. Hold on to your seats, though, for he might be taking a startling turn into a different soap opera universe this time. Don’t worry though, since at least we’ll get to see him again on soap operas!

The Star of The Young and the Restless How Will Jordi Vilasuso Be Highlighted?

Nikolas told Austin on a recent episode of General Hospital that he was traveling to Europe to give his mother, Laura, a crucial message and to keep his son, Spencer, from accessing the Cassadine Estate. But Nikolas vanished again almost as fast as he appeared on our General Hospital displays. The main concern for everyone is whether Adam Huss will continue playing Nikolas on a temporary basis. Or if the producers are looking for a long-term replacement?

Over time, Adam’s work on General Hospital has garnered a great deal of appreciation. But is there anyone else who could be able to fill Nikolas’s shoes? As a result, one of the fans’ intriguing tweets peaked the interest of General Hospital fans. The tweet asks why Jordi Vilasuso shouldn’t be considered if Tyler Christopher or Adam Huss aren’t available to portray Nikolas. Jordi would be “perfect” for the position, according to the user.

Jordi Vilasuso, a former cast member of The Young and the Restless, immediately responded to this notion. With a prayer, love, and “thinking face” emoji along with the post, he retweeted it. We don’t even know if he’ll be on General Hospital, but his statement made it clear that he is absolutely interested in playing the legendary Nikolas Cassadine.

Could Jordi Vilasuso on General Hospital be the next Nikolas?

Daytime drama veteran Jordi Vilasuso is no stranger to the genre. He recently finished a successful tenure on The Young and the Restless from 2018 until 2022 as Rey Rosales. When his character was cruelly killed off in a vehicle crash, allegedly due to a heart attack, fans of Y&R were startled and grieved. Jordi previously appeared as Darion Hernandez on Days of Our Lives from 2016 until 2017. In addition, he became well-known for his intermittent performance as Griffin Castillo in All My Children from 2010 to 2013.

Fans of Jordi think he would be the best person to revive Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital. Many think he is the perfect choice for the part because of his good looks and acting skills. While nothing has been officially announced, it is evident that Jordi is receptive to the idea of playing this enduring legacy role, as are GH viewers and Jordi himself. Do you think the creators of GH will give this intriguing casting twist more thought? Comment below and let’s manifest!

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