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As Nathan’s attacked in Coronation Street – all the suspects from Gary to David

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In the Coronation Street episode that aired last night on Wednesday, May 15, Nathan was kicked in by a hooded figure.

DS Swain brought Daniel in for questioning at the police station following this attack.

This is a list of everyone who has been suspected of attacking Nathan; are any of them the real attacker?

Coronation Street Nathan suspect 1. Daniel

It seems like Daniel is a top suspect in almost everything. Following Nathan’s attack, DS Swain brought him in for questioning, mentioning that Daniel has a bad temper.

According to some Corrie fans, Daniel did intend to exact revenge on Nathan in order to defend his girlfriend.

“The attacker had a black coat,” a fan posted. Daniel’s coat is black.

Can Daniel now include Nathan in his list of victims that he has attacked in the past, even hurting his own family members?


Recently, Gary and his ex-girlfriend Sarah have been getting closer. Gary might have wanted to shield his ex-girlfriend’s daughter from harm after realizing how anxious Bethany is now that her former groomer is in Weatherfield.

It’s reasonable to say that Gary shouldn’t be trifled with. He is, after all, a murderer. The fact that Gary appeared to be dressed very similarly to Nathan’s attacker has now been noticed by fans. And was Gary the one who attacked him, with a reason?

“It was Gary who attacked Nathan?” a fan asked. Not that I need a life or anything, but I did notice that Gary’s outfit appeared to be exactly the same as the one being worn by the “attacker.”

Coronation Street Nathan suspect 3. David

Sarah questioned David about his involvement in Nathan’s attack. Reassuring her that he hadn’t, David promised to support their choice by buying the real attacker a pint.

However, some fans believe that David beat Nathan up and was only telling Sarah lies.

Seeing that David is far from a saint, a fan pointed out that “David literally hid Callum’s body.” I believe he may have been the culprit.


Unaware that Bethany wasn’t already aware of Daniel’s attack on Justin the night before, Ryan informed her about it.

Was his intention, though, to mislead her into believing that he had attacked Nathan directly?

According to one fan’s assessment, Ryan hit Nathan. The hoodie is overtly noticeable.


David brought up Shona several times last night, fearing that she might bring up everything again with Nathan’s return.

Some viewers, however, feel that Shona handled the news poorly because she was not shown responding when Nathan’s return was announced. Is she the person who attacked Nathan?

“I’m thinking Shona might have done it tbh,” a fan wrote in a comment.

Which person do you think attacked Nathan? Is it one of these suspects, or is there another person involved?

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