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Back to the Bay launches Home and Away’s Most Popular Character 2022

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The Home and Away Most Popular Character poll has been conducted by Back to the Bay for the last 18 years. We invite viewers to vote for their favorite characters from the show’s past every two years, and then we announce the victors in the weeks before Christmas.

We invited Neighbours fans to vote as well last year, and voters chose Toadie Rebecchi as their favorite Neighbours character of all time. Sadly, since our Ramsay Street favorites said goodbye earlier this year, that was the first and only time we will be asking that question.

Hopefully, our favorite Summer Bay soap won’t suffer the same fate when it marks its 35th anniversary in 2023.

Since Home and Away first appeared on Australian television on January 17, 1988, there are approximately 35 years’ worth of characters to pick from.

Even though we’ve had eight polls in the past, there haven’t actually been that many winners. Only three characters have ever won our readers’ choice award, and one of those was a joint winner:

Irene Roberts in 2004

Sally Fletcher in 2006

Sally Fletcher in 2008

Sally Fletcher in 2010

Sally Fletcher in 2012

Sally Fletcher in 2014

Sally Fletcher in 2016

Alf Stewart and Sally Fletcher in 2018

Sally Fletcher in 2020

Will Sally win the title for a ninth time, or will someone else be named the 2022 Most Popular Character of Home and Away?

You are the only one who can make that choice. and the rest of our guests.

Here’s how it works.

Simply fill out the form below with your email address and the names of your top five favorite Home and Away characters.

Five points will be granted to your favorite character. Your second-placed character will receive 4 points. You will receive 3 points for the character you position in third place. Fourth-place character will receive 2 points. Finally, the character you place in fifth position will receive 1 point, as you may have anticipated by now.

On Friday, November 18, 2022, when voting ends, we’ll count the votes. The results of Back to the Bay’s eleventh annual Home and Away Most Popular Character poll will then be revealed in December.

Please be sure to read these few pointers before we get started:

There may only be one vote per person, and to cast your vote, you must give your email address. If you input more than once, we will only count the most recent entry.

Your email address will only be used to ensure that your vote is only tallied once.

Simply check the box to be added to our list if you want to get our weekly email with Home and Away spoilers. Otherwise, you won’t hear from us again.

You must select 5 characters, so give it some thought.

Characters might be either regular or guests.

Please include a character’s last name; if you just write “Ben,” we won’t know if you mean Ben Murray, Ben Lucini, or Ben Astoni. Visit our Characters area if you need a review.

Due to the fact that these episodes have not yet broadcast in the UK as of the start of the voting, any characters who made their debut in Episode 7876 or later (airing in Australia on September 8, 2022) are ineligible.
Please vote only for the characters you honestly think are the best in the show’s history, not just the ones you think are most attractive or are now your favorite!

Vote, Home and Away fans!

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