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Bobby Brazier of Strictly is ‘to battle’ with Dianne Buswell when an expert notices a crucial clue

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Last weekend saw the return of Strictly Come Dancing, but could one of the couples have radically different work styles?

Strictly Come Dancing has returned, but may a pair from this season end up fighting? Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell may be in for some turbulent days, says astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

Given that Gemini will do everything for a laugh, Inbaal predicted that there might be some conflicts in this situation.

Bobby, an EastEnders actor, was born on June 2, 2003, making him a Gemini, whereas Dianne, his professional dancing partner, was born on May 6, 1989, making her a Taurus.

After the pairings for this year were revealed in the launch event on Saturday night, Inbaal analyzed the star signs of the couples to see who might be the most and least compatible.

She asserted that there are a few telltale signs that would reveal how the celebrity candidate and their professional partner will get along while rehearsing for the adored BBC reality dance show.

There are four Taurus professionals, Inbaal said, adding: “This suggests that the professionals tend to be of the hardworking, empathic Taurus type.

Dianne, a Taurus, will be concentrated on the task at hand and will try to teach Bobby what she knows, without interruption or misunderstanding.

The expert said, “As a Gemini, Bobby just can’t work under these circumstances; he’ll need to mess around and have a giggle.”

Will the couple’s differences in outlook on their jobs lead to conflict? Or will Bobby’s laid-back personality and Dianne’s work ethic meld together? To find out exactly how their partnership develops over the upcoming weeks, viewers will need to stay tuned.

On the first live concert, which takes place this coming Saturday, half of the competitors will dance on the renowned floor for the first time. The first elimination will happen the next Sunday, with the remaining half dancing the following Saturday.

Dianne shared on her Instagram Stories earlier this week “what a joy it is to work with” Bobby.

In her essay, she said: “Teaching someone to dance makes me so happy, especially when you witness the improvement and happiness it provides. Week 2 is here, and the first live show is just around the corner.

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