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Chas Dingle from Emmerdale is in severe peril as the villain reappears seeking unrelenting retribution.

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Harry, the villain from Emmerdale, who recently left Caleb Milligan for dead, is going back to the Yorkshire Dales to get cozy with Chas Dingle.

When a villain comes to Emmerdale in unaired sequences, Chas Dingle (played by Lucy Pargeter) might be in severe danger.

On the anniversary of Grace’s passing, the soap character begins to struggle and becomes angry when her daughter prefers to play on the swings than visiting Grace’s grave.

Chas feels stuck in the past while Chas’ ex Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) observes how life has progressed while standing in the cemetery.

Instead of accepting Chas’ invitation to a drink, Paddy chooses to have lunch with Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley). Then, Chas is left feeling totally isolated.

Later on that day, the antagonist from Emmerdale Harry (Robert Beck) addresses Chas as “Simon” and offers to buy her a drink.

He reveals his genuine goals to her as they get to know one another. The nefarious figure will be recognized by viewers.

As they get closer over their deceased children, Chas acknowledges that bringing “Simon” home was a mistake and decides to take a nap on her sofa.

Harry explores the backroom as she enters and glares bitterly at a picture of her with Caleb Milligan (Will Ash).

The next day, ‘Simon’ departs the Woolpack, but not before being appalled Paddy catches him.

Chas is about to receive some devastating news, so she doesn’t want to discuss “Simon” with her ex-husband.

Paddy informs Chas that their daughter wishes to reside with him going forward. By criticizing Mandy’s parenting abilities, Chas sets herself up for failure and is compelled to leave her daughter with a worried Paddy.

Chas dials “Simon” from outside while her face is covered in tears.

Will Chas eventually figure out that ‘Simon’ is up to no good and out to exact revenge on her brothers?

Last month, when Caleb was ignorant that Corey, an employee of his car company, was up to no good, the villain made his entrance.

Corey was assisting Harry in shady business activities and illicit parcel drop-offs. Later, Caleb was beaten and left for dead by Harry and his crew.

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