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Coronation Street: Bethany needs to leave Weatherfield, fans beg

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When Bethany noticed her groomer Nathan had returned to Coronation Street, she received an unwelcome surprise.

This week, Bethany began questioning Nathan’s girlfriend and interfering with her because she thought Nathan was connected to Lauren’s disappearance.

After seeing these scenes, fans of Coronation Street have now demanded that Bethany be fired.

Coronation Street: Bethany is suspicious of Nathan

Bethany is certain that Nathan was involved in Lauren’s disappearance ever since she saw him at the police reconstruction.

Bethany learned that Nathan had an alibi after obtaining some information from Craig. At the time, he was with his girlfriend.

But when Bethany went to visit her at the nail salon where she worked, she began to worry that his girlfriend was being groomed.

Bethany also crept into Dee-Dee’s office and looked through Lauren’s file in a desperate attempt to learn the truth. She then assumed that Nathan was the writer of Lauren’s phone messages because she could recognize his typing style.

After Nathan was attacked on Wednesday, May 15, last night, Bethany is now concentrating on identifying the attacker. There’s nothing else on her mind but Nathan.

Coronation Street fans call for Bethany Platt departure

Fans are sick of Bethany because her scenes are all about her focusing on Nathan and looking into Lauren’s disappearance.

They have now expressed their desire for the character to leave the soap opera on the social media site X.

“Keep going, Bethany, and don’t come back,” one fan posted.

An additional viewer of Coronation Street said, “Please get rid of Bethany.”

“Reckon Bethany needs another break from the Street… a long break,” said the third person to conclude.

Will Bethany get to the truth?

For Bethany, everything revolves around eliminating Nathan from her life and bringing him down.

However, is Nathan truly to blame for Lauren’s disappearance? Will Bethany discover the proof she requires? Is she headed in the wrong direction?

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