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Coronation Street confirms Joel was responsible for Lauren’s disappearance

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It has been confirmed by Coronation Street that Joel Deering was responsible for Lauren Bolton’s disappearance. In flashbacks, Dee-Dee’s lawyer boyfriend was revealed as the person who had beaten Lauren with a chair leg.

Lauren was seen battling a man with black gloves in the scenes. “I don’t like this, I don’t want to do this any more, you’re scaring me,” she cried out.

After that, she was struck over the head and pinned to the ground.

Coronation Street: Nathan arrested

As DS Swain and Kit questioned Nathan, the scenes unfolded. Joel served as his attorney, and the video that we saw led us to believe Nathan was guilty.

Joel made an effort to defend his client, saying, “You don’t have enough money to charge my client if the only thing you have connecting him to Lauren Bolton is the O-Vidz account.” Additionally, he claimed that this line of provocative questioning was merely a fishing expedition.

But later on, the police disclosed that they had forensic proof of Lauren being in Nathan’s van. Sarah Platt planted it, Nathan insisted. He disclosed that Kit had seen Sarah poking around his van.

Kit responded that Sarah had simply tried to bully Nathan and that she didn’t have time to gather proof when Joel questioned her about it. Joel expressed satisfaction in Nathan’s desperation.

The truth revealed by the flashbacks was that Kit, not Sarah, had planted Lauren’s hair! Is he also a part of this? Why would he act in that way while concealing Sarah’s involvement? Is his goal only to win a significant case to advance his police career? Is there more to it, or not?

Roy gets out

In the meantime, Griff was attempting to kill Roy by holding him captive. Griff put a knife to Roy’s throat when he tried to raise the alarm but Roy refused.

Weeping As Roy was about to say goodbye to Nina, the guards broke in and saved him. Then Nina announced to Roy that he was leaving. We witnessed her welcoming Roy to the prison in tearful scenes.

His friends from the cafe then greeted him at home and applauded him and Dee-Dee.

Joel revealed as Lauren’s ‘killer’ in Coronation Street

But the real story had yet to be revealed. Joel was content to accept Kit’s flimsy explanation for what transpired at the van, as it turned out.

Joel drove away from the party in Roy’s Rolls, claiming to have had a “long day,” but we later witnessed Hope approaching him outside his vehicle. After giving Joel the necklace she had discovered hidden beneath the seat, she left.

Then, we saw a flashback of Joel abusing Lauren severely, robbing her of the necklace, and leaving the apartment.

So, is Lauren dead in Coronation Street?

Not all of Corrie’s questions were addressed; perhaps tomorrow night. However, we are still unsure of Lauren’s exact cause of death and whether Joel moved her body.

He appeared to run away; did he come back? Or did someone else return and offer assistance?

Is Lauren still living and hiding because she fears for her life? Is there any place he could have bound her? We will just have to wait until tomorrow to learn more!

Reaction of fans

When it became clear that Joel was responsible for Lauren’s disappearance, many fans exclaimed, “Knew it!” as soon as it was revealed.

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