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Coronation Street fans fume at ‘insensitive’ scenes as Bernie reunites with long-lost son

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Fans of Coronation Street first met Kit Green, who is actually Bernie Winter’s biological son.

Next week, Bernie Winter of Coronation Street will be shocked to learn that Kit Green is her son. When viewers discovered earlier this week that Jane Hazlegrove’s character Bernie has a secret son, they were taken aback.

She started looking for Zodiac, her son, whom she had given up for adoption more than thirty years prior. After a man matching her age and name refused to acknowledge that he was her child, Bernie was devastated.

In the ITV soap opera, Bernie (Jacob Roberts) was inebriated when he first met Kit (Roberts) on Monday, May 13. In an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of teenager Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), DS Swain has brought Kit to Weatherfield.

Kit’s first encounter with Bernie wasn’t the best; she was arrested by the detective for being intoxicated and unruly. The following week, a tearful Bernie tells Jimmy Harkishin’s character, Dev, that today would have been Zodiac’s birthday.

Bernie discovers her car is being towed away as she leaves for Paul’s (Peter Ash) feeding tube surgery. Bernie is certain Kit is to blame after he spots him close.

Bernie makes a call to the police station intending to file a complaint. Bernie, however, is taken aback when Craig (Colson Smith) and his coworkers show up bearing a cake for Kit and wishing him a happy 31st birthday.

As Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) is going to back his car into a disabled parking space at the hospital, a second car unexpectedly cuts into the space. Kit makes the driver move by flashing his ID.

Billy and Paul tell Bernie, back at home, about Kit, the policeman who saved them. Bernie’s left was subtly encouraged.

She calls the station, expresses gratitude to Kit for his kindness toward Paul, and begs him to give her an opportunity to present her side of the story. But with Bernie’s other son Paul suffering from motor neurone disease, viewers are not overly thrilled with the new plot.

Fans now claim the soap opera is trying to replace one son with another after it was confirmed that Paul will pass away in scenes that are scheduled to air later this year. Someone else commented: “It’s a bit strange that now that Paul is dying the show is going to make Bernie reveal out of the blue that she has another son.”

Another person concurred: “Totally agree it’s like they are replacing one son with another, can’t understand how she has never mentioned it before.” A third wrote, echoing this: “#Corrie Bernie searching for the child she gave up now that Paul is dying of cancer seems a little callous. She seems to have one on the bench for substitutes.”

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