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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Lauren’s real fate in huge twist ahead of killer reveal

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Viewers of Coronation Street will find out what happened to Lauren Bolton, who has been missing for months, but some think they already know.

Supporters of Coronation Street think they have figured out Lauren Bolton’s true story. Since Lauren (Cait Fitton) vanished in February, it is assumed that she has passed away.

Police concluded she was murdered even though her body was never found, and Roy Cropper (David Neilson) was taken into custody for the crime. In a week full of special episodes, fans will finally find out what happened the night Lauren vanished next week.

A new trailer reveals Lauren’s fate through flashbacks, revealing the identity of her attacker. Even though it seems like she’s dead, viewers aren’t persuaded.

One viewer surmised that Lauren might be at Rowan Cunliffe’s retreat, which would be a major turn of events. “Could Lauren be at Rowan’s retreat?” they wrote. Avoid using a phone. Not on any social media. Leanne is headed there.

A further thought: “Okay so the Lauren storyline is leading into the cult storyline?” Leanne Battersby was the target of cult leader Rowan (Emrhys Cooper), a recent arrival to the Cobbles, who persuaded her to join his “self-improvement group” The Institute.

When Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah tried to alert Leanne about a troubling post she had seen online about the Institute, she discovered it had been taken down owing to legal concerns. When Rowan stated that his ex-partner had written the post, she waved away Toyah’s worries.

Leanne left for the retreat without saying goodbye, even in spite of Toyah’s entreaties for her to reconsider. Will Lauren happen to run into Leanne at the Institute?

The drama that is developing will set the stage for new storylines that will run the remainder of the year, so fans will be gripped by the upcoming special set of episodes.

Iain MacLeod, executive producer of Coronation Street, stated: “The storytelling this week is really engaging and unlike anything Coronation Street has ever done. In the midst of the drama are some of our favorite characters in this contemporary and thrilling story.

“The murder mystery surrounding Lauren has had us all gripped, and this week’s race against time to solve it before Roy suffers a serious injury is so captivating and deftly written.

He continued: “It is also the launchpad for a massive new chapter in that narrative – so you really won’t want to miss it, if you want to carry on trying to piece together this thrilling puzzle!”

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