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Coronation Street: Hope found Lauren’s necklace in Joel’s car, fans ‘work out’

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There must be significance to that car wash, right?
Hope and Ruby were visible yesterday evening on Coronation Street (Tuesday, May 28) assisting at the Little Big Shotz car wash.

After that, Hope showed Ruby a necklace she had discovered while washing one of the vehicles.

Fans of Corrie have now “figured out” who owns the necklace and which car the necklace was found in!

Hope on Coronation Street discovered a necklace
Hope and Ruby were off to the café yesterday after cleaning cars as part of the Little Big Shotz charity car wash.

During a particular scene, Hope appeared ecstatic as she showed her sister something she had discovered while cleaning one of the cars.

Ruby suggested that they inform Tyrone so that they can return the necklace after she showed it to her and decided to pocket it.

However, Hope had a superior thought. To Ruby’s dismay, she desired to keep it a secret and keep it to herself.

Fans of Coronation Street believe Joel was wearing Lauren’s necklace.
Fans now believe that Joel owned the silver Mercedes that Hope was cleaning. This could imply that he killed Lauren and that the necklace was discovered in his vehicle.

One fan wondered: “Joel’s car that Hope found the necklace in? Or is it another car that has popped up for plot purposes.”

Another person added: “Figured it out… Hope finds a necklace… and where did she find it? While cleaning a car… Joel’s car…!”

A third Corrie viewer shared: “The fact our Hope has found Lauren’s abysmal necklace. Trust her to save the day! I’m sure it was in Joel’s car.”

Who killed Lauren?
Tomorrow night (Thursday, May 30), viewers of Coronation Street finally find out who killed Lauren.

With the investigation into Lauren’s disappearance still underway, viewers will finally receive some answers! But, who killed Lauren? And, was it Joel?

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