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Coronation Street: Joel is connected to Nathan – and they know what happened to Lauren, fans insist

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Fans of the soap opera believe they have made headway in identifying Lauren Bolton’s potential killer from Coronation Street.

Roy Cropper has been detained in connection with the Lauren’s disappearance investigation. Lauren has not been seen since February.

Although no body has been discovered, authorities think Lauren was killed. On the other hand, a potentially lethal weapon has been found.

Viewers and people who live in Weatherfield are not persuaded that Roy is involved. However, there are some fan theories that associate attorney Joel Deering with pedophile Nathan Curtis.

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Is Joel or Nathan responsible for Lauren’s death?

Spoilers for this week’s special episodes featuring the Lauren storyline have revealed a connection between Joel and Nathan.

Social media users have previously conjectured that the two might have a familial relationship. Joel may have even been involved in the sex ring Nathan led, according to certain reports.

However, based on teases, it appears that Joel will identify himself as Nathan’s attorney when he is questioned by police in episodes that air later this week.

However, it appears that fans are more excited about the possibility that Joel and Nathan are brothers.

Lauren killer fan theories

On Monday evening, May 27, one social media user tweeted their thoughts: “I have a wild theory that Joel and Nathan are brothers or connected in some way.”

“I would rather this than Lauren just being held by one of her dad’s racist enemies,” they continued.

“Joel and Nathan are connected, calling it now,” said a second person. In a group of some kind, if not brothers, then definitely #Corrie.

Joel and Nathan are connected, calling it now.

In the meantime, another person suggested that Joel and Nathan might be related. but not accountable for Lauren’s disappearance.

“I wonder if the plot twist is that, despite not being involved with Lauren, Nathan and Joel are brothers. then a shocking antagonist appears,” they shared.

Joel is involved in it up to his neck, though, and that person isn’t having it any other way.

“I said it from the beginning that Joel’s linked to Lauren’s disappearance,” they argued. It’s what all the hints suggest. The flowers, the jewelry receipt, and the fact that he accepts Dee Dee’s sex ban are all noteworthy aspects of Coronation Street #Corrie.

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