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Coronation Street: Kevin victim-blames Abi and fans are disgusted

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After Abi Webster’s sex tape was sent to her friends via email last night, Coronation Street fans are furious. To make matters worse, her spouse Kevin chose to place the blame on her rather than come to her aid.

Abi was devastated when Kevin left, telling her he “couldn’t hack it.” Viewers now want her to eject him from the show.

Coronation Street: Abi distraught over sex tape

After that, Kev said to her, “I can’t unsee that video.” That image of you in that filthy room with who knows will always be in my head.

“I know it’s shocking, but imagine how I feel knowing that someone has exploited me like that,” a distraught Abi uttered.

Kevin told her, seemingly indifferent to her feelings, “We’ve all had past experiences that we’re not proud of, but this? You’ve reached a whole new low.

Kevin twisted the knife as Abi sobbed that she could see he was ashamed of her and that he was judging her.

Tyrone got an email on Wednesday, May 23, with a video of Abi engaging in sexual activity. When he told her what he had seen, he felt ashamed. And when she saw it, she was embarrassed.

Since Abi claimed not to remember taking it, it had to have been taken while high on drugs. She discovered that it had also gone viral online just as she was about to report it to the authorities.

Cassie had been helpful enough to do that for her already, and Abi braced herself to tell Kevin.

Abi started telling Kevin about it, but he said she was lying about her history. She argued that she didn’t remember lying to him on purpose and that she hadn’t done it intentionally.

“You told me about your life, the shame it brought, and all the mistakes you made,” he uttered. It’s difficult because it’s one thing to imagine what you did, and quite another to actually witness it. I apologize, but I simply cannot handle it. Then he abandoned her.

Fans turn on Kevin

The way Mr. Webster responded has infuriated fans beyond measure. They’ve let their fury run wild on social media, describing him with multiple swear words!

“Unhappy with Kevin. He is not a saint, and he is well aware of the life Abi once led. He ought to be supporting her since, as someone who has made a name for herself and cleaned herself up, Abi would find this embarrassing. Kevin is terrible,” remarked a more reserved fan.

Less kindly, another said, “Nah [bleep] that. Kevin would be receiving divorce papers from me. What a [bleep]. During a trying period in her life, he is more concerned about his wife’s past than the jerk who initially disclosed it. D I V O R C E.

Another person brought up Kev’s less than perfect past. “Abi, what was once is now! Please get him to take a shower, shave, and refrain from sleeping with his best friend’s wife before Kevin begins to criticize.

Kevin Webster is accusing his sister Abi of leaking revenge pornography of her. Guys are garbage. “This is infuriating me,” exclaimed another.

“Why is KEVIN angry?!?!?!?!?!??!” asked another. Is he making a joke? Pornography that seeks revenge is illegal! How [bleep]less it is!

What happens to Abi next in Coronation Street?

On Friday, May 24, Abi will face her former partner, Dean, who she believes is the source of the tape. She corners him, threatening him with a wrench. He maintains, however, that he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Interfering Cassie informs Kevin Abi that she is going to meet Dean, and he follows them. While Kev restrains Abi, Dean is brought in to speak with police.

However, four more videos are uploaded shortly after, which makes Abi even more upset. She realizes it’s not really her, though, after closely examining the video.

When Kevin discovers they are all deep fakes, how will he respond? Will he accept his wife and offer an apology? Or has he overreached himself this time?

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