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Coronation Street: Kit murdered Lauren, new fan theory predicts

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Is Kit a poor investigator?
Last night, on Tuesday, May 28, on Coronation Street, Kit persisted in her investigation into Lauren’s disappearance and ultimately took Nathan into custody.

Kit put Nathan in handcuffs after discovering some USB sticks in his van and accusing him of breaking his order to prevent sexual harm.

According to a recent fan theory on Corrie, Kit was the one who killed Lauren.

Nathan is detained by Kit on Coronation Street.
Kit kept digging last night after he saw Sarah attempting to put Lauren’s hair bobble in Nathan’s van.

DS Swain was nowhere to be found, so Kit looked through Nathan’s car and found something.

He quickly arrested Nathan on suspicion of violating his sexual harm prevention order after discovering some USB sticks in the van.

He was concerned that Nathan might be connected to Lauren’s disappearance and believed that he was still grooming young girls.

Kit is holding Nathan down on Coronation Street.
Last night, Kit noticed Sarah trying to fit Lauren’s hair bobble into Nathan’s van, so he continued digging.

Kit searched Nathan’s car after DS Swain was nowhere to be seen and discovered something.

Upon finding some USB sticks in the van, he promptly arrested Nathan on suspicion of breaking his sexual harm prevention order.

He thought Nathan was still grooming young girls and was worried that he might be involved in Lauren’s disappearance.

Lauren was killed by who?
Though Lauren’s disappearance is still unsolved, things will soon change.

Tomorrow night (Thursday, May 30), viewers will finally learn what happened to Lauren and who killed her.

But did Kit really cause Lauren to vanish? Is he a detective that can be trusted?

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