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Coronation Street: Leanne is talking to an AI version of Oliver and it’s seriously creepy

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On Coronation Street tonight, it was revealed that Leanne Battersby has been communicating with an artificial intelligence replica of her deceased son Oliver. and it’s quite chilly.

This happened while Nick and Toyah were accusing Leanne of having improper affections for Rowan, an Institute member. Toyah immediately assumed that Leanne was confessing her love for Rowan when she heard her tell an unidentified stranger on her laptop that they were in love.

But when Nick questioned Leanne, she told him the terrifying truth—straight out of the uncanny valley.

Leanne reveals AI Oliver

Leanne confessed to Nick, via her laptop screen, that she had been communicating with her deceased son Oliver—or rather, using a “state of the art” artificial intelligence system created to mimic Oliver’s appearance and speech.

“Hello, Mummy,” robo-Oliver said, while Nick watched with a peculiar mix of revulsion and sympathy.

Toyah and Nick were appalled, which was about right. Toyah was especially repulsed by Rowan’s most recent deceitful move.

She confronted Rowan on the street after Nick informed her of the Institute’s activities. She furiously referred to the simulation as a “aberration” and an obvious attempt to dominate her sister as she insisted that Leanne get rid of AI Oliver.

The AI image definitely gave some fans a fright.

Who was Oliver Battersby on Coronation Street – and how did he die?

Oliver McDonald was Leanne and Steve McDonald’s kid, born from a one-night affair in 2016. Oliver was born in 2017, but his life was cut short three years later when he was diagnosed with mitochondrial illness.

With Leanne and Steve by his side, he passed away in November 2020 after the youth’s life support was turned off.

The newest attempt by Rowan and the Institution to control Leanne is his digital resurrection, which plays on her emotions of loss and sadness over her son’s untimely death.

The police arrest Toyah for murder

In the same episode, Toyah was also taken into custody by the police on suspicion of killing her kid.

Did Rowan call the police and report Toyah? Or, even worse, did Rowan force Leanne to shop her own sister?

Is Leanne safe from the Institute thanks to Nick and Toyah?

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