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Coronation Street murder suspect list as Lauren Bolton’s killer exposed this week

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The reason behind Weatherfield resident Lauren Bolton’s disappearance over the past few months will soon come to light.

What happened to Lauren Bolton is a question that has been bothering every fan of Coronation Street. (Cait Fitton’s role). The unstable teenager appeared to disappear in February, but there were signs of foul play in her apartment.

Lauren hasn’t shown up in Weatherfield or made contact with anyone, so the police are certain she was murdered. Even though no body has been discovered, Roy Cropper (David Neilson) was detained by the police because they thought he might know something.

He has, nevertheless, consistently maintained his innocence in the face of numerous other plausible suspects coming to light. Following ITV’s confirmation that viewers will learn Lauren’s fate by the end of the week, fans have speculated about the person or people they think could be responsible for Lauren’s disappearance—or, worse, her murder.

Express.co.uk provides a list of all the people who may be connected to the teen’s disappearance, along with clues, as the case draws closer to resolution.

Roy Cropper

Lauren used to work as a waitress at Roy’s cafe, where she once mistook his kindness for something more before going missing. She tried to make a move on him, but he politely turned her away.

After resolving the awkward situation, everything appeared to be going well until Roy had to fire her for searching Bethany Platt’s (Lucy Fallon) bag. Lauren informed Roy that she was leaving Weatherfield when he went to her apartment to give her her last paycheck.

But since Roy was the last person Lauren spoke to before she disappeared, the police have Roy as their primary suspect. When Bobby Crawford (Jack Carroll) discovered Roy thoroughly cleaning and getting rid of some of Lauren’s possessions in her apartment, things got worse.

Roy pretended to feel sorry for Lauren when the police discovered that he had given her more money than she was due. Roy has maintained that he is unrelated to her disappearance, despite the fact that Adamant she has just left town without saying goodbye.

Is he withholding information that he knows? Has Roy been falsely accused, or what?

Nathan Curtis

Fans of Coronation Street were taken aback to learn that Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper), who was working on a nearby construction site, had recently been released from prison.

Alarms went up as soon as Bethany saw him at the reconstruction of Lauren’s last known movements.

Given his past, which included grooming Bethany for sexual exploitation as a teenager, she assumed he was involved in Lauren’s disappearance right away.

Fans of the soap opera have noticed a clue that they believe could connect Nathan to the missing adolescent: her necklace. Lauren’s mysterious boyfriend gave her a necklace before she disappeared.

People quickly realized that Nathan had previously molested the young girls he was preparing.

According to soap opera spoilers, Nathan will be shaken when his alibi for the night Lauren vanished crumbles.

Could Nathan’s return be a repeat of past events?

Daniel Osbourne

Rob Mallard’s character Daniel Osbourne was one of the individuals the police questioned in the early stages of Lauren’s disappearance. It happened while he tutored the teenager in advance of her GCSE English exam out of kindness.

Being aware of his past, Daniel found himself in the spotlight after it was falsely claimed that he had a relationship with one of his students, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), a few years prior.

Daniel is no stranger to the world of sex work, as Lauren works on the adult subscription site O-Vidz. In the past, when Daniel was having grief issues, he paid Nicky Wheatley (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) to dress up as his deceased wife.

Since Lauren’s financial situation was well known, some fans conjectured that Daniel was tutoring the teen in return for sexual favors. Max Turner, Lauren’s friend (Paddy Bever), also believes Daniel is privy to some information regarding Lauren’s true circumstances.

Max Turner

Max and Lauren got together a few years ago when the teen was used to get Max into a far-right extremist gang, but they have stayed close friends ever since.

David Platt (David J Shephard) discovers a box containing makeup and blonde hair dye beneath Max’s bed in a recent scene. The teenager acknowledged that they had once belonged to his friend and expressed a desire to keep them.

Viewers were suspicious of this discovery, though, as many thought it strange that he kept the items unless he had been covertly assisting his friend and she wasn’t dead after all.

It’s also possible that Max is using Daniel’s obvious dislike as a plot device to draw the police’s attention away from Daniel.

Griff Reynolds

Michael Condron’s character Griff Reynolds, who was sentenced to prison for his far-right extremist gang crimes, recently returned to the ITV soap opera.

Lauren’s father, Reece Bolton (Scott Anson), was a member of the soap opera villain’s gang before he was also arrested, so the two have ties.

But since Lauren made the decision to leave his gang and start over, there have been rumors that Griff might have ordered a hit on her.

Spoilers for soap operas Griff intends to approach Roy in prison and attempt to persuade him to confess to killing Lauren. Is he planning to set up the café owner in order to clear one of his gang members of being the real murderer?

Other suspects

A few other characters have been proposed, in addition to the five important Weatherfield residents who may be connected to Lauren’s disappearance.

In an effort to get Roy out of jail, Bobby Crawford has become deeply involved in the case and has even told lies to the police. But if he’s hiding something, his falsehood might be an attempt to divert the attention of the authorities.

Since Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) was engaged to Daniel when he was Lauren’s tutor, she has also been proposed. Lauren attempted to blackmail them after learning about her relationship with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), which might have given Daisy a reason.

Bethany might be attempting to draw attention away from herself despite her best efforts to have the police focus on Nathan. A possible candidate is football player Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn), who left Weatherfield at the time Lauren vanished and moved to Spain with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford).

Last but not least, Joel Deering (Calum Lill), a newcomer who has experience keeping secrets after concealing from his girlfriend Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) that he was married and had a child, is another important suspect for viewers.

Given that spoilers indicate Joel will represent Nathan in court should he be arrested, is it possible that he is connected to Lauren’s disappearance and is trying to hide his identity to avoid coming under suspicion?

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