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Coronation Street: Nick and Toyah kiss and fans are here for it!

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Last night, on Monday, June 10, Coronation Street featured a kiss between Toyah and her brother-in-law Nick.

For weeks, there has been a spark of chemistry between the Coronation Street couple. Things have been tense at their shared apartment because Leanne, Nick’s fiancé, is completely engrossed in her new “hobby,” the Institute, together with Toyah’s sister.

Furthermore, Toyah and Nick have discovered solace in confiding in one another about their anxieties ever since Leanne vanished while attending a retreat with the evil Rowan from the Institute.

Locking lips!

And in last night’s episode, it wasn’t just their worries they were sharing!

The pair were having a glass of wine at the end of yet another stressful day.

Toyah’s reeling after the discovery of the body of her stillborn baby, Rose. And she’s convinced Rowan was the one who told the police her terrible secret.

Obviously she blames Leanne for telling Rowan about it in the first place, and it’s clear Nick’s not impressed with his fiancé’s behaviour either.

So as they chatted over a glass of vino, the pair grew closer and finally shared a kiss.

As the snog heated up, though, Nick and Toyah were interrupted by Nick’s son Sam coming home.

Coronation Street: Toyah and Nick – a good match?

But is this just the beginning?

The fans definitely hope so!

“I’m there,” said one fan, while another added: “I’m actually here for Toyah and Nick.”

Another pleased viewer said: “Did anyone else cheer then when Nick and Toyah kissed?”

And one fan simply announced: “Nick and Toyah are good together.”

Do you agree?

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