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Coronation Street reveals nine upcoming storylines for the women of Weatherfield including Nick and Leanne tension and heartbreak for Dee-Dee

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After watching the most recent episodes of Coronation Street, viewers will be aware that Joel Deering is Lauren Bolton’s “killer.”

Furthermore, it appears that Coronation Street residents will continue to experience drama in the future.

Here’s what to expect as the women of Weatherfield take center stage in nine June storylines that have been revealed so far in the soap opera.

Abi’s deepfake horror

A deepfake, sexually explicit video of Abi was recently uploaded to the internet. Now, the character will be driven to find the perpetrator.

Her relationship with Kevin will be put to the test this month as she works to get the videos removed and answers.

Actress Sally Carman acknowledged that after going through the ordeal, Abi will probably go back to some of her old habits, saying, “I think there will be some moments where she goes into autopilot and old behaviors resurface.” We’ll have to wait and see if she returns immediately.

She becomes combative when she feels like she will lose everything because those are such significant issues for her to deal with that she doubts anyone will respond to her in a way that makes sense to them. However, given her already reactive nature, it is inevitable that she will revert to some of her previous behaviors.

Coronation Street women: 2. Carla’s ‘no nonsense’ attitude

Viewers will recall Carla’s recent breakdowns in her marriage to Peter, her life being turned upside down by her nephew Bobby, and the breakdown of her friendship with Roy.

However, Alison King has disclosed that Carla is prepared to regain her authority this month.

According to Alison, she made a mature decision at the beginning of the year to end her relationship with Peter, not only for his benefit but also for both of their mental health. Thus, I believe she had a strong start to the year. Naturally, Bobby then appeared, and she handled that situation in a really constructive manner as well. Given the implications of him being Rob’s son, she was uncertain, as anyone would be, but she handled it like a true adult and took it on the chin.

“I believe that this maternal instinct has become somewhat ingrained and has kicked in after all the support she gave Ryan. She is obviously heartbroken by Roy’s situation, but she is trying to support him. She’s fierce, taking no nonsense from anyone, and she’s back in charge of her life. Can she and Roy reconcile?

Maria’s ‘obsessive’ parenting impacts her relationship

Maria’s relationship with Gary is suffering as a result of her concerns about Liam’s mental health, as he seeks solace in his former Sarah.

Samia Longchambon says that Liam’s suicide thoughts will affect Maria as well: “It’s had a massive impact on Maria’s mental health; she’s had obsessive thoughts and won’t leave Liam alone for even a moment.” She has been fixated on Liam and hasn’t been able to think about anything else. Her relationship and career have suffered as a result.

Samia continued, “I think they have built a really good, strong relationship over the last few years so I think if they get through this they will come out stronger than ever but it’s whether they’ll be able to get through it or not,” in reference to Maria’s relationship with Gary.

Coronation Street women: 4. Tensions for Leanne and Nick

As Leanne becomes more and more entangled in the Institute, she has been spending time with Rowan.

Leanne’s family is far away from Nick, and Jane Danson has acknowledged that the Institute might put a strain on their relationship.

Regarding the Institute’s potential effects on Leanne and Nick, she retorted, “Well, it certainly could! I believe Leanne is being extremely self-absorbed and is pushing people away without even realizing it. Leanne is acting in a way that is completely contrary to what she is genuinely attempting to accomplish, which is to distance herself, so I don’t think she sees the wider picture of anything.

“Leanne’s new way of thinking is all about manifesting and being positive, but all she’s really doing is alienating herself, making people think she’s crazy!”

Toyah’s personal hell

In addition to the fact that the Institute destroyed her relationship with Leanne, Toyah is also having difficulties as a result of her grief for her stillborn daughter resurfacing recently.

While Toyah’s sister continues to live apart from them, Nick has been there for her during this difficult time.

In an interview, Georgia Taylor acknowledged that Toyah finds her sister’s lack of support to be difficult, saying, “I think it’s really difficult because Leanne’s always been her biggest ally and her biggest support.” Their sisterly bond has endured despite the numerous difficult times, relationships, marriages, divorces, and cheating incidents they have experienced together. I believe Toyah is having a great deal of difficulty overcoming that as she works through her personal trauma.

Coronation Street women: 6. Bethany’s PTSD

Now that Nathan is back in Weatherfield, Bethany is certain that he killed Lauren—even though she couldn’t be more mistaken!

Apparently, Bethany went through a really traumatic time with Nathan, and seeing him was very unexpected, which leads her to believe that she is actually imagining seeing him. Lucy Fallon has shared that seeing Nathan back on the Street will set off Bethany’s PTSD. His return, in my opinion, is going to completely throw her off balance because it will resurrect all of the trauma she has struggled to overcome. It will put Bethany under a great deal of stress and possibly set off her PTSD.

Sarah’s bond with Gary

Sarah and Gary have been getting intimate; not too long ago, Sarah attempted to kiss her former partner. Now that Damon was injured, Sarah focused on Maria’s partner.

Tina O’Brien has acknowledged that the two of them still have a “bond”: “She has this strange connection with Gary; they’ve always been able to tell each other things that they wouldn’t tell other people.” They do, in my opinion, have a tendency to return to that intensity of feeling since he witnessed her at her worst.

“He ought not to be informing her about his relationship with Maria, but he did, even though he knew it was probably not the right decision. They were breaking a code, yes, but did they think they were up to anything? Probably not. They seem to be able to have these conversations so much more easily with each other, even though they are the ones you should be having with your partner.

“With Nathan back on the scene, there’s definitely still a bond there.” I believe that Gary is making an effort to remove Nathan from Bethany’s life, whether it is right or wrong. Gary was present when Bethany went through that terrible experience the first time.

Dee-Dee’s future heartbreak

After last week’s shocking revelation, Corrie fans will know that Joel was the one to “kill” Lauren Bolton.

Nevertheless, Dee-Dee, his partner, is still unaware of this. Now that Joel has proposed, Channique Sterling-Brown has admitted that Dee-Dee is deeply in love with the Corrie “killer,” which regrettably implies that more heartache is to come.

“Yeah, I think she is head over heels for him,” she revealed. She is someone who firmly believes in forgiveness, and now that she has made that choice on their behalf, she is incredibly excited about the future. They have been through a lot in a short amount of time. His presence is almost like a life raft amidst the chaos of life; he keeps her afloat and fed, which is what keeps her going. For Dee-Dee, the relationship is undoubtedly beneficial.

Coronation Street women: 9. Bernie’s dilemma

Bernie recently discovered Kit, her biological son, but as things stand, he isn’t all that interested in getting to know her.

Paul, her other son, is also suffering from MND. This indicates that Bernie faces a very difficult situation. Spending time with Kit could detract from spending time with Paul.

Jane Hazlegrove provided the following explanation on the subject: “Bernie is aware that this is now a possibility, which isn’t ideal given the terrible circumstances surrounding Paul’s illness and the timing is obviously not ideal. Bernie is aware that she must try to make apologies and play the hand that has been dealt to her as best she can. She also wishes to stop the children from suffering any more than they already have.

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