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Coronation Street: Roy storyline slammed by fans as they point out the police haven’t found a body

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Last night, scenes from Coronation Street showed Roy Cropper being accused of killing Lauren Bolton.

Fans have already referred to the plot as “the final straw” for the ITV soap opera, so it’s safe to assume they are not impressed. They’ve since struck out even farther after identifying a serious error in the arrest scenes.

Coronation Street: Roy is charged

Scenes from Friday, April 12th’s broadcast showed Roy fighting with Alice in the street. She had entered Roy’s apartment by lying about who she was—Kerry, Lauren’s mother. Roy was dangerous, as she revealed on her blog after she recorded him sleepwalking.

He grabbed her phone and tried to persuade her to stop when she came back to try to record him some more. She hurt her head as she stumbled on the pavement. After Alice accused Roy of assault, DS Swain arrived to take him into custody.

Evelyn attempted to accept responsibility for her actions and even provided a witness statement, but it was insufficient. Later, Dee-Dee went back to the cafe and told Evelyn, Carla, Nina, and Shona that Roy was being accused of Lauren Bolton’s murder. He was detained after being refused bail.

Fans are absolutely fuming

Fans at home are furious over the advancement. In addition to being incensed, they have called attention to a significant plot hole—namely, the lack of evidence that Lauren is truly deceased! Furthermore, they don’t think there is enough evidence to convict Roy.

“This Roy Cropper plot is absurd—how can he be accused of murder without even a scrap of supporting documentation? One irate viewer exclaimed, “I’m sorry, but this is such a horrible story—of all the men on the street, you pick the least likely man!”

“How can Roy be charged with murder when no body has been found?” said someone else. I don’t understand.

I’ve literally mentioned it before: Roy’s charges are completely illogical. Evidence included some blood, a destroyed apartment, and his presence at the scene, tidying it. hard to prove murder, especially in the absence of a body. At most, all circumstantial, another person remarked.

“So they’ve charged Roy for murder?” asked a fourth person. When is Lauren’s death not proven?

Roy faces a murder charge. Another said, “Even though there’s no body or any proof she’s dead.”

An another X user added, “Absolutely ridiculous.” This Roy storyline is absurd. With only one finger print and no body, he faces murder charges. I swear, I’m giving the police a bad reputation.

What happens next to Roy in Coronation Street?

Roy appears in court the following week for his bail hearing. Feeling certain he will go to prison, he wrote Nina a letter. Despite Dee-Dee’s best attempts, the prosecution portrays him as a savage murderer, and she is denied bail. Roy is placed under arrest pending the trial.

Bobby, in the meantime, goes to DS Swain with a fresh account of the person he saw leaving Lauren’s apartment because he wants to assist. Is he being sincere, though? Will Roy benefit from it as well?

It does, however, serve to bring Daniel back into the picture, and he moves to locate Nicky in the hopes that she can assist. Will Daniel fail because of this?

And what is Lauren’s true situation?

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