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Coronation Street: Simon Barlow killed Lauren while drunk, a new fan theory predicts

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Simon Barlow has been drinking a lot lately on Coronation Street, which means he has been suffering from hangovers a lot.

Leanne has been away on retreat with the Institute, so Toyah and Nick have been taking care of him.

According to a recent fan theory for the soap opera, Simon might have been intoxicated when he killed Lauren Bolton.

Coronation Street: Simon’s been drinking

The audience will be aware of Simon’s struggles ever since Peter moved out of Weatherfield and started drinking.

Simon has been missing his shifts at the Bistro and has been drinking more and more as a result of Leanne being away on an Institute retreat.

Simon was found dozing off on a bench at the precinct when Nick and Toyah went looking for him after he puked all over Tim’s cab and left without paying.

When Nick and Toyah brought him home, a group of boys had approached him and were attempting to take his wallet.

After that, they were both concerned about Simon’s path, with Nick attempting to contact Leanne but being unable to do so.

Coronation Street fan theory: Simon killed Lauren?

Viewers of Corrie will be familiar with Lauren Bolton’s disappearance; Weatherfield police have declared the teen dead.

Now, a fan believes Simon might have murdered Lauren while intoxicated.

Just putting it out there, one fan said. However, I believe Simon Barlow killed Lauren while intoxicated and is therefore incapable of recalling his actions.

But is it possible that this theory is accurate? Was Lauren Bolton killed by Simon?

Lauren’s killer revealed

According to Coronation Street spoilers for next week, after Nathan and Bobby are both arrested, viewers will finally find out who killed Lauren.

Are the cops, though, onto something? Or is the murderer somebody else entirely? Was Simon aware of Lauren’s fate?

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