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Coronation Street spoilers: Aftermath of Kelly’s kidnap ordeal in new preview clip as captors reveal what they want

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As viewers are aware, the teenager has made it his mission to make up for the wrongs committed by his criminal father Rick, a former loan shark who defrauded numerous victims of their money.

Kelly made the decision to repay individuals her father had harmed over the years with the money that Gary Windass (Mikey North) had been able to recover from Rick, but her plan didn’t exactly work out.

She was taken hostage by a former client of Rick’s!

The following scene, in which Kelly is faced by Kieron, the mastermind behind her kidnappers, is shown in the teaser clip above, which was taken from Monday’s (July 18) episode of the ITV soap opera.

According to Kieron, he and Rick had “unresolved” difficulties, so he asks Kelly to try and settle them on his behalf.

He made it very obvious that Kelly has no choice in the issue, albeit it is unclear how he wants her to do so.

Kieron responds, “You’re going to fix [the problems],” before adding, “Unless you want to vanish? as he did.”

Gary is desperate to find Kelly as he returns to the cobblestones after realizing she has vanished.

Will he reach her before it’s too late is the question.

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