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Coronation Street spoilers: Amy Barlow and Aadi Alahan engage in an argument during a tense interaction

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In future Coronation Street scenes, there will be plenty of conflict between Amy Barlow and Aadi Alahan as the two get into a passionate argument.

ITV soap opera actors Elle Mulvaney and Adam Hussain were seen filming the disputed scenes nearby the show’s studios this week, and the production didn’t end until after midnight.

What actually happens is unclear, but photographs clearly show that Amy and Aadi are hostile against one another. Amy appears to be criticizing Aadi about something, and Aadi appears to be offended by her comments.

What, exactly, did Amy say to him?

Could it possibly be connected to the relationship Aadi is presently having with Stephanie Davis’ Courtney Vance from Hollyoaks?

Or is she possibly admitting to herself that she has affections for Aadi? Aadi did appear to have feelings for Amy at one point, but all changed when Courtney showed there.

As viewers are aware, Aadi and Courtney started dating in secret earlier this year after Darren, Courtney’s husband, entered a business partnership with Aadi’s father Dev (Jimmi Harkishin).

Aadi wasn’t sure what to make of the situation at first, but before long he and Courtney were chummy to the point that they often snuck away for some alone time.

Amy, who had her misgivings about their relationship, entered the room while the couple was in a compromising position and decided to keep quiet. But last week, Dev discovered the truth about himself when he saw Aadi and Courtney sharing a kiss.

Following the revelation of the affair, Darren served Courtney with divorce papers, and she moved in with Aadi, much to Dev’s dismay. In the scenes that followed, the store owner tried his best to permanently remove Courtney from his son’s life.

But is Courtney genuinely concerned for Aadi?

She genuinely cares for Aadi,” Stephanie Davis, an actress, disclosed. She sincerely likes him, but I believe the relationship is beginning to falter because she has grown accustomed to living the high life with Darren. Then you think, “Wow. Now, this is my reality. However, she likes him.

She really does care about Aadi. She truly admires him and considers him to be a lovely individual.

But because of the toxic nature of her long-standing behaviors, it seems as though she always reverts to those flaws in personality.

She really does care about him.

As has been mentioned, Darren had cheated on her in the past, and part of Courtney’s response to this was, “I’m going to treat you how you’ve treated me and let’s see how you like it.” She hopes to elicit that response from him.

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