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Coronation Street spoilers: As Nathan is arrested, who killed Lauren is finally revealed

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According to our Coronation Street spoilers, the truth is eventually revealed when Nathan Curtis is taken into custody by the police for Lauren’s murder.

Sarah is attempting to frame Nathan for the crime at this point. It appears that the police have located Nathan because DS Swain swooped in to take him into custody.

Who, though, killed Lauren?

See our complete Coronation Street spoilers for this plot below.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah hatches a plan

After watching Nathan’s van drive by, Sarah and Bethany call the police to report him for violating his license. Bethany is so rattled by his return that she makes another threat to leave Weatherfield.

Sarah pretends to be Nathan during a building site visit. Nathan laughs in her face when she tells him that he stole £10,000 from her to get out of town.

After coming back with a plastic bag containing Lauren’s hair bobble and the items she left at the Platts’, Sarah comes up with a plan. She is forced to confess that she was going to plant evidence in Nathan’s van when copper Kit catches her in the act.

She should let the police do their job, Kit begs.

Nathan is in the frame

Kit searches Nathan’s van and finds a few USB sticks inside. Nathan is taken into custody on charges of violating his order to prevent sexual harm.

Sarah queries Kit about the contents of Nathan’s van. It’s one of Lauren’s hairs, he tells her, and he speculates that she might have dropped it when hiding the evidence. But he swears not to tell anyone.

Joel was present as the solicitor for the interview, which DS Swain and Kit conducted with Nathan.

In another scene, Sarah reveals to Daniel and Bethany her scheme to set Nathan up, and now he’s been taken into custody. Daniel is enraged.

When they return to the interrogation room, DS Swain informs him that his alibi has had second thoughts. Then she asks him about his preference for young ladies.

Nathan stays silent when DS Swain implies that he killed Lauren.

The truth is revealed

Joel admitting that he is speaking on behalf of Nathan infuriates Dee-Dee, in the meantime. Bethany is reassured by Daniel that he will keep what Sarah did a secret.

He claims that the only chance he has is that Nathan is guilty since, in the absence of that, the real murderer will get away with it.

That’s when the whole story comes to light. Lauren was killed by who?

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