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Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Lauren’s killer is finally revealed

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Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers indicate that after Nathan and Bobby’s arrests, viewers will finally learn who killed Lauren Bolton.

Is Nathan the real murderer as Sarah plants evidence in his van that might implicate him?

The Coronation Street spoilers for next week include all of this and more.

Sarah tries to plant evidence

Sarah and Bethany proceed to the police station to file a report against Nathan for violating the terms of his license. But when Nathan’s van passes her, Bethany is shocked.

Sarah and Bethany proceed to the police station to file a report against Nathan for violating the terms of his license. But when Nathan’s van passes her, Bethany is shocked.

After realizing that Nathan isn’t interested in her, Sarah plans to put Lauren’s hair bobble in Nathan’s van when she finds it at the Platts.

Kit questions Sarah about her plan and gives her a hard time about it. Then, when one of Lauren’s hairs is discovered in the van, he tells her that she needs to let the police handle the investigation before taking over for her.

Bobby’s arrested

DS Swain questions Carla about her falling out with Roy after Nina informs Bobby and Carla that Roy’s trial date will be announced shortly.

When DS Swain is unable to obtain any information from Carla, he asks Roy whether Bobby’s statement caused the fallout. Bobby is quickly taken into custody by her on suspicion of tampering with the legal system.

After that, DS Swain speaks with Carla and cautions her that Roy might suffer as a result of Bobby’s lies. Dee-Dee worries that there is nothing more that can be done to assist Roy after learning that Bobby has been arrested. Does she have a point?

Griff threatens to kill Roy

Roy appears to be in trouble because the book he was reading is strewn all over the floor. Griff joins forces with Roscoe after breaking into Roy’s cell and requests that he convince Roy to visit the prison library.

Griff waits in his cell for Roy to return while he is there. Griff is threatening Roy with a weapon because he is in search of answers. He’s curious about Lauren’s whereabouts.

But Roy won’t say that he killed Lauren, so Griff won’t get the answers he needs. Griff then raises a knife to Roy, declaring he has had enough.

Griff tells Roy to say his final words before he kills him, threatening to kill him. Is Griff going to truly take Roy’s life? Or is he just threatening something really terrible?

Things don’t look good for Nathan

After searching Nathan’s van, Kit discovers a few USB sticks. Then, on the grounds that he may have broken his order to prevent sexual harm, he arrests him.

As Nathan is brought to the police station to be questioned by DS Swain and Kit, Joel speaks on his behalf. Sarah, meanwhile, tells Daniel—who is furious—about her scheme to set Nathan up. But he vows to remain silent.

While Nathan reassures Joel that he is innocent, Dee-Dee is not pleased to learn that Joel has taken on Nathan’s case. But when he learns that his alibi has been exposed, he is not pleased.

Joel is then informed by him that Sarah might have put Lauren’s hair in his van. Will Sarah end up in serious trouble? In the interim, viewers discover Lauren’s true killer.

Bethany meets up with Ellie

Daniel and Bethany reach out to Nicky in the hopes of gathering more evidence against Nathan, believing that he is, in fact, Lauren’s murderer.

After hearing Ellie’s story of a client who showered her with gifts, Bethany meets with her again and shows her a picture of Nathan. Will Ellie validate Bethany’s suspicions that this is Nathan, given her belief that this is him?

DS Swain finds a friend in Carla

Carla hears DS talking. Lisa Swain is on the phone with her daughter, arguing and giving her room to vent. After that, Lisa tells Carla that her partner passed away and that her daughter isn’t handling the loss well.

Carla offers her daughter some work experience at the factory because she wants to support DS Swain. Is a new friendship beginning with this?

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