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Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Toyah is arrested for murder

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Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers reveal Dramatic scenes surround Leanne’s return as Toyah tries in vain to convince her that The Institute makes sense. Who has informed the police that Toyah was arrested for murder, though?

It’s also time for Glenda to receive a kiss and Simon to say goodbye!

The Coronation Street spoilers for next week include all of this and more.

Simon leaves

After her retreat, Leanne tells her parents that it went longer than expected, so she decided to stay an extra night. Simon reveals he’s going to be sailing with Peter on the yacht, and she’s shocked to see his bags packed.

Leanne becomes enraged that she wasn’t consulted, but Nick maintains that he spoke with Rowan. Leanne suddenly changes her mind, though, and charges Nick of plotting with Toyah behind her back.

Simon’s departure is imminent. For his farewell party, everyone congregates in the bistro.

Leanne gives her son a heartfelt farewell hug. Later, she uses her laptop to chat with someone, telling them that she wants to be with them because she is alone now that Simon has left.

Toyah sued

Rowan displays Leanne Toyah’s critical internet comments regarding The Institute. Leanne is enraged. Toyah soon gets a letter with a recorded delivery.

She is shocked to learn that The Institute has filed a defamation lawsuit against her and obtained an injunction against her. Nick tries to explain to Leanne that Toyah is only attempting to keep her safe, but she won’t listen.

Later, Toyah tells Nick that she heard Leanne telling someone on the laptop that she loves them. When he gets home, he finds Rowan and Leanne holding hands. Will Leanne be able to give an explanation?

Toyah arrested for murder

Leanne has to let Toyah know about Rowan and The Institute, she begs. But their argument is soon cut off by the police.

After a baby’s body was discovered buried in the park, Toyah is shocked to learn that she has been charged with murder. Who made the police aware?

Carla outcast

Adam learns of Carla and Bobby’s fabrication from Dee-Dee, and he then informs the Barlows in the Rovers. He discloses that this is the reason why Daniel was the target of suspicion during the murder inquiry. The family is enraged.

Later on, when Ken treats Carla poorly, she feels awful. Bobby says he’s had enough trouble with her and feels bad enough to move out. Carla’s admission that it’s for the best hurts him.

Joel proposes!

Joel’s parents greet Dee-Dee, and things don’t go well. When they express their displeasure with Dee-Dee, she storms out.

Joel apologizes to his mother for her actions and follows her home. At that point, he proposes to her while on his knee. Does Dee-Dee agree?

George is served

While George is attempting to win over a lucrative client, Dee-Dee shows up bearing a letter. It describes in detail Glenda’s claim to half of the house and half of the business.

George becomes enraged and rushes to face his sister. She refuses to back down and tells him she will see him in court.

Glenda and Michael kiss

Glenda confides in Michael after feeling awful. She was always second best, and George was their father’s favorite.

Michael tells her that she is intelligent, funny, and kind. After that, he draws her in for a kiss!

Bethany is defrauded

Bethany discovers someone has been using her former company credit card fraudulently when her mail from London is redirected. Daisy suggests that Bethany obtain copies of the statements to demonstrate her innocence, so she consults Joel.

Bad news for Abi

Craig visits Abi and Kevin at the garage and acknowledges that the investigation into the source of the deepfake videos is still ongoing. Instead, he suggests that they hire a lawyer.

Later, when the twins’ adoptive mother postpones their visit due to the videos, Abi becomes upset. When she learns that the videos will require £5k a month to have removed, she becomes dejected because they simply cannot afford it.

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