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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Bobby calls an ambulance for unwell Ken

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Tonight (Monday, June 10), there will be spoilers for Coronation Street. Bobby will be looking through Ken’s mailbox when he spots him lying at the bottom of the stairs.

Then, in a disturbing turn of events, he calls for an ambulance as Ken is taken to the hospital.

However, what’s wrong with Ken, and will Coronation Street spoilers indicate that he’ll be okay?

Coronation Street spoilers: Ken is rushed to hospital

Bobby makes an effort to make up to Ken and Daniel for the chaos he caused their family over drinks on Stu’s birthday.

Ken decides to head home early because he doesn’t feel 100% after losing his equilibrium.

Bobby checks his letterbox and discovers Ken lying at the bottom of the stairs. He plans to check on him later, but he doesn’t receive a response.

After that, Bobby phones for an ambulance and goes back to Carla’s apartment to gather his belongings. Will Ken be alright?

Coronation Street spoilers: Rowan messes with Toyah’s mind

When Toyah discovers that the yellow roses she received tonight are from Rowan, she knows that he must have denounced her to the police.

Then Leanne acknowledges telling Rowan. Then, Nick issues a warning to Leanne: either she breaks up her relationship with Rowan and the Institute, or it will end. Which one will Leanne select?

Glenda and George are still tense

After Michael spends the night at the tavern, Glenda leaves the place undercover.

Subsequently, Dee-Dee informs George that he and Glenda may save money by using a mediator.

While Debbie offers to mediate, Mary tells Glenda about Dee-Dee’s counsel.

After a while, Glenda takes Michael to the Rovers after seeing him in the ginnel and giving him a kiss on the lips.

Coronation Street spoilers: Lisa Swain visits Carla

DS Lisa Swain turns up at the factory and asks Carla when her daughter can start her work experience at the factory.

Paul deteriorates further

When Paul and Billy visit Paul for his appointment with the MND nurse tonight, they are informed that Paul’s neck muscles have become more weak.

This implies that he will no longer be able to utilize his stairlift. Paul’s reaction to the news?

Abi remains hopeful

In an effort to identify the individual responsible for the deepfake videos, Abi proposes using a computer expert to locate the troll’s actual IP address. Will she track down the offender?

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