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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: The truth about what happened to Lauren is finally revealed

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Thursday, May 30th, Coronation Street spoilers for tonight will finally reveal Lauren Bolton’s true fate.

Answers are provided this evening as the investigation into her disappearance continues.

However, spoilers for Coronation Street reveal who killed Lauren and why she actually vanished.

Coronation Street spoilers: Lauren’s killer is revealed

After Kit discovered some USB sticks in Nathan’s van, Sarah tells Daniel and Bethany that she attempted to plant Lauren’s hair bobble in Nathan’s vehicle, leading to Nathan’s arrest.

Kit vows to keep Sarah’s name out of things while Nathan is questioned by the police as Daniel expresses his rage.

Even though DS Swain tells Nathan that his alibi has failed, Nathan still tells her he is innocent and begins to perspire.

Dee-Dee isn’t impressed when she later learns that Joel is speaking on behalf of Nathan.

Daniel assures Sarah that even though he disapproves of her plan, he will remain silent. Since the real killer would still be at large if Nathan weren’t the real one, he hopes that Nathan is the murderer after all.

Fans find out who killed Lauren Bolton in the rest of the episode! Who is that?

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy’s life is on the line

Griff approaches Roy in his cell and begins threatening him with a gun. Roy must confess to killing Lauren, or he will kill Roy.

Griff tells Roy to say his final words before passing away while brandishing a homemade knife in his hand as Roy refuses to provide him with the information he needs.

Roy is afraid for his life because Griff is determined to cause him pain. Will Griff, however, carry out his intended murder of Roy? Is Roy going to die in prison?

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