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Coronation Street star Alex Bain reveals he’s training to be a choreographer as his cobbles exit approaches

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Next week, Simon Barlow is heading off the cobbles.
Watchers will be aware that Alex Bain, an actor from Simon Barlow and Coronation Street, is scheduled to leave the cobbles the following week.

Alex Bain, who grew up on the soap opera, is now moving out of Weatherfield. He has now made public his new professional path.

He revealed that, following the filming of his last Corrie scenes, he is currently pursuing training to become a choreographer.

The impending departure of Simon Barlow from Coronation Street
According to spoilers for next week’s episode of Coronation Street, Simon is heading out of Weatherfield to go on the yacht with his father, Peter.

Just as Leanne gets home from her retreat at the Institute, Simon packs his bags after Peter offers him a job on the yacht.

When Leanne learns that Simon is leaving and that no one has bothered to inform her of his plans, she becomes furious.

After bidding farewell to Simon as he takes off in a taxi from Weatherfield, Leanne turns on her laptop and confides in someone about her distress.

Coronation Street Alex Bain discloses a new career path
In an interview with The Sun, Alex Bain disclosed that he is pursuing his dream of becoming a choreographer.

“Dancing will always be my passion. I hope to work as a choreographer, teach dance, and eventually start my own dance and performance school.”

“I am currently taking my ballet and modern intermediate exams that I should have done when I was sixteen,” Alex continued. In order to be considered for teaching and choreography, I must meet those requirements.

He then went on to say: “But dance is definitely my focus at the moment. I’d like to do a dance teaching course.

I’ve been able to attend a full week’s worth of classes, which is something I haven’t been able to do for a while.”

However, fear not, he’s still hoping to carry on acting alongside this new and exciting direction.

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