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Coronation Street star Alison King ‘shuts down’ future Carla and DS Swain romance rumours

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Fans of Coronation Street have been speculating for a few months now that Carla Connor and DS Swain might develop a romantic relationship.

Fans have noticed chemistry between Vicky Myers, who plays DS Swain, and Carla since she confirmed that the detective will be attracted to a woman living on the cobbles.

Alison King, however, appears to have put an end to these rumors by discussing Carla’s romantic life.

Coronation Street: Carla’s found an unlikely friend in DS Swain

As viewers are aware, Carla has been interacting with DS Swain frequently in an effort to free Roy from prison.

Carla discovered DS Swain’s police badge last week and returned it to her before listening in on her and her daughter argue over the phone.

Carla gave DS Lisa Swain a listening ear after getting into her car and sharing that her partner Becky had passed away and that her daughter wasn’t managing things well.

After last week’s episodes concluded with Roy’s release, Carla informed Lisa that she would be delighted to provide her daughter with some work experience.

Offering to assist her, she had been thankful that she hadn’t arrested her for believing Bobby’s false statement.

Fans have been hoping that Carla would be the one to catch DS Swain’s attention since the two are developing an unlikely friendship and he is looking for a female love interest. We’re also here to support it!

Coronation Street star Alison King crushes Carla romance hopes

Fans of Swarla (Swain and Carla) all over the country may have lost hope when Alison King was asked in a recent press interview whether Carla is seeing anyone in particular.

Carla is “the last thing” thinking about a relationship right now as Alison is talking about future June storylines.

Alison admitted, “No, I don’t think she’s ready for another relationship and she isn’t looking at anyone right now. I don’t believe she has given it much thought. It seems like the last thing she is thinking about.

Carla still appears to be missing Peter, but by July, might everything have changed? Some fans can’t deny the chemistry between Carla and Swain, so is it possible that DS Swain will be the one to alter Carla’s perspective on relationships? We sincerely hope so!

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