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Coronation Street star Mikey North addresses unresolved Gary Windass storylines

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“I say Gary has got nine lives.”

Mikey North, who plays Gary Windass on Coronation Street, addressed the issue of Gary Windass going free after committing two serious crimes.

Rana Habeeb died in 2019 as a result of Gary’s destruction of the Underworld roof, and later that year, Gary killed Rick Neelan out of self-defense.

Imran, Rana’s brother, passed away in June of this year without ever learning that Gary was to blame for his sister’s untimely demise.

Regarding the infrequently discussed Rana plot, Mikey revealed to Digital Spy and other media: “We had several scenes where Gary got face-to-face with Imran’s mum. That’s probably done to demonstrate to the audience that Gary still feels bad about it.

“That was an attempt to gain money, to act morally, and I believe to repay Rick of all people! Because of what he did, Rana tragically died. I suppose that less people are poking around that area now that Imran is out of the way.

“I claim that Gary has nine lives, just like a cat. His good fortune will soon run out.

Gary experienced yet another lucky turn of events in March when Rick’s ex-wife Laura chose to accept responsibility for his homicide.

Because she needed someone to be there for her daughter Kelly when she died away, Laura, who was suffering from a fatal illness, pardoned Gary.

Regarding the likelihood that Kelly would ever learn who actually murdered her father, Mikey said: “I have no idea what would happen. Whenever that occurs, it will be massive.

“I suppose that’s what we’re working towards: the evolution of their connection. I’m interested to see what will happen with those two. It’ll be even more explosive when they get closer.

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