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Coronation Street villain Corey Brent: What he did to Seb and whether he is returning to Weatherfield

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This week, Corey Brent, the villain of Coronation Street, makes a reappearance. Abi and Nina are upset and horrified to learn what the murderer is up to these days.

What did Corey Brent do, and who was he?

Corey, the villain from Coronation Street When Brent Corey first came to Coronation Street, he was a Weatherfield High student who had attracted Asha Alahan’s attention.

Even though Corey genuinely had feelings for Asha’s partner, Amy, their romance didn’t start off well, but in the end, they ended up dating.

Unfortunately, Asha’s issues with body image and her relationship with Corey happened at the same time. The gullible teenager consented when he persuaded her to undress during an online chat, only to discover her photos posted on a porn website and lying around Weatherfield.

Forgive and forget?

Corey was eventually forgiven by Asha, and their romance was reignited, much to Dev’s disapproval.

After some back and forth, Asha decided that Corey was the right man for her after discovering her sexuality and beginning a romance with Nina Lucas.

When they moved in together, it was obvious that they weren’t exactly the young ideal of love.


Corey and several friends ambushed Nina and her fiancé Seb Franklin in May 2021. Seb passed away, but Nina was left with serious injuries.

Abi, Seb’s mother, and Nina were devastated and found it difficult to accept the terrible loss.

As for Corey, the promising Weatherfield County football player, he accused Kelly Neelan of being responsible for the crime.

Corey played the victim when he and Kelly were charged with murder, and his father bought off the jury to spare him.

In an attempt to win people over, he even claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign.

Horror-nation Street

When Corey and a desperate Abi were stuck down a sinkhole on Halloween in 2021, Abi threatened him with a gun. Before Roy could save them and Corey managed to escape, she coerced him into making a confession.

However, Gary Windass eventually cornered him and his father and took them to the police station.

After being accused of murder, Corey entered a guilty plea.

Although he’s injured right now, he’s set to return to Coronation Street!

Telly shock!

Watchers saw Abi’s husband, Kevin Webster, discover that Corey would be included in a documentary about prison football in tonight’s episode.

Startled, he hurried to see Sally, his ex-wife and Abi’s closest friend, to seek her counsel.

However, Kev has still not told Abi; instead, he is worrying about the best course of action.

Naturally, though, we already know that Abi will learn the truth in the upcoming episodes when she unintentionally watches the documentary on TV.

Is Corey Brent returning to Coronation Street?

It’s safe to assume that Corey won’t be going back to Weatherfield very soon now that he is securely imprisoned for his crimes.

Additionally, Maximus Evans, who portrayed the youthful assassin, will not be playing Corey again. The gifted actor is now busy studying acting somewhere else.

Despite this, Nina and Abi still feel the weight of Corey’s presence, and they resort to extreme measures to make the documentary filmmakers pull their film off the air.

Will they be successful? And what consequences lie ahead for the committed couple?

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