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Corrie’s Lucy Fallon stumbles during her emotional Inside Soap Awards exit beside her on-screen mother.

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While grasping the hand of her on-screen mother Tina O’Brien (Sarah Platt), Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany Platt on Coronation Street, made a dramatic exit from the Inside Soap Awards. However, things took a turn for the worst when she slipped in heels.

Lucy Fallon, the actress of Corrie, is renowned for navigating the cobblestones, but on Monday at the Inside Soap Awards, it was a different story as she tumbled and nearly fell into her taxi.

The 27-year-old had dazzled on the red carpet earlier that evening wearing a vivid, low-cut, strapless red mini dress and a pair of red satin shoes with a 3D floral embellishment on each toe.

She may have tripped over while leaving London’s Salsa Temple after the celebrity-studded entertainment party because of the dangerously high heels that were fastened to her ankle.

On-screen mother Tina O’Brien, 40, looked equally stunning in her own gorgeous gown, a pink dress with a large flower corsage, as they departed the location holding hands.

As she waited to leave in her taxi, Lucy soon regained her composure and smiled sheepishly for the cameras.

Unfortunately for the actors, EastEnders won the renowned title of Best Soap for a second consecutive year, beating out Coronation Street.

Millions of viewers continue to watch the show faithfully, but numbers have decreased recently as viewers switch to web sites for a greater choice of shows.

Charlie Lawson, a well-known former Corrie actor who played Jim McDonald, acknowledged less than a year ago that he was extremely worried about the show’s survival.

He stated to the Daily Star, “I was there in the Nineties for 11 years, and we were getting between 16 and 20 million – and five million (viewers now) is not a lot.”

Who knows if Coronation Street will still exist in ten years, Charlie continued. As it is, all of us are adjusting our viewing habits.

Despite this, Corrie won a number of prizes last night, including Best Show-Stopper for its compelling acid attack plot.

The scenes showed a jealous stalker attacking Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) with acid, leaving him scarred, and then turning to selling his body online after tormenting influencer Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Evelyn Plummer’s Eveen Lipman took home the prize for Best Comic Performance, and Dee-Dee Bailey’s Channique Sterling-Brown got the prize for Best Newcomer.

As spectators wait impatiently to see if Todd Boyce, who plays murderer Stephen Reid, would eventually be unmasked, he was chosen as the Best Villain.

Lucy was beaming as she left the event after a night of celebration, despite the fact that she had not personally received an award.

In January, Lucy gave birth to a baby boy named Sonny after experiencing a “traumatizing” and “horrendous” miscarriage earlier.

After being introduced by friends, she has been dating Preston North End football player Ryan Ledson, 24, for two and a half years.

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